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Dinner 2021


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Our Christmas dinner was an Italian pork roast.


Ready for the oven.


3 hours later.


Pork roast with sauce and noodles.

Served with twice baked potatoes green beans and a green salad.


Then today, they became calzone. I made too much filling so of course I overstuffed them, but they sure were good.


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Companies gone so my time to pig out.  I think my leftovers will move next year to the main course.    I wilted spinach on the plate and topped with paneed  gruyere grits, shrimp, oysters and croutons. Generously napped with hollandaise and garnished with red onions channeling Judy Rodgers.  IMG_20211226_193423473.thumb.jpg.d4b88e141f57c889fcb281daf136cf58.jpg

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Japanese chicken curry from Just One Cookbook, using house-made curry roux, which is so much better than the store-bought stuff, pre-made in cubes.


New crop (2021), 50% milled brown Yamagata Tsuyahime, cooked up in the Zoj.

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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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Had to cut back on things for a couple of days since DH sent his blood sugar through the roof with his gorging on sweets and carbs all week (he's type 2 diabetic and does fine...if there is no temptation). Modified fast on Friday. Saturday was baked orangy roughy with nut crust, asparagus, and Right Rice (faux rice made from lentil flour, it's marginally edible). Sunday was Asian coleslaw salad with chopped up grilled chicken and toasted pepitas (actually very tasty - a recipe not to be repeated since it was a "mix in the bowl" kind of thing).

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I’m sitting here yearning to partake in the buffet that is the last couple of weeks of the eG dinner thread!  What incredible food and lovely settings.  Hope everyone had wonderful holidays and that the New Year will bring us happiness and health!


@mgaretz – I’d love to be tucking into your lovely looking pot roast tonight. 


@Norm Matthews – your beautiful ham dinner is another one I wish I were getting ready to eat tonight.  I can just taste that gorgeous ham and those corn muffins!


@Shelby – I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick.  I hope you’re feeling much better now.  As always, you cook better sick than I do well.


@Steve Irby – I’ve made that exact Galatoire’s Shrimp Remoulade.  It is the best we’ve ever had.  Gorgeous meal. 


Back on the 16th, I got a start on my turkey stock for Xmas gravy – before roasting:








12 quarts!


We went out to look at Xmas lights that evening and ended up somewhere Mr. Kim and I hadn’t ever been – a sandwich place in an old urban neighborhood called Chiocca’s for dinner.  Jessica had the Grilled Portobello Mushroom sandwich:


Prosciutto, provolone, sweet hot peppers, portobello, and pesto on an onion roll.


Mr. Kim had the Lucca:


Salami, prosciutto, provolone, sweet hot peppers and Italian dressing. 


I had the Sailor (a Richmond VA specialty):


Pastrami, Swiss, and knockwurst on rye.


On the 18th, I made and froze the turkey gravy:


About 4 quarts.


Dinner that night was hot dogs – I made the whole package.  They were about the only things I offered my family to eat until the 24th:


Kirkland dogs, fried in butter and brushed with BBQ sauce.  Served with fixed up baked beans and Kroger brand tots:


I prefer the store brand to the national brand in tots.  They are flatter rather than barrel shaped and much crisper on the outside. 


Jessica provided dinner last Monday.  She did (frozen) dumplings/gyoza/etc. (no pictures) and chicken leg quarters marinated in a sauce made of oyster sauce, soy, dark soy, garlic, ginger, honey, and white pepper and then oven roasted:


Delicious!  The marinade flavors really got deep into the chicken.


On Wednesday I boned and rolled a turkey breast for Xmas Eve:


Rubbed with a dry brine of salt, herbes de Provence, za’atar, and pepper.  I’ll be rubbing it with a butter, thyme, and lemon zest mixture on the 24th and doing it in the IP.  It's based on a Geoffrey Zakarian recipe.  


On the 23rd I started the dressing – torn bread, onions, celery, sage, pepper, poultry seasoning and parsley:


This will sit out overnight, and the oysters and stock will go in just before it goes in the oven.  I remember many years ago when I first started making the oyster dressing, Momma would come over to smell the dressing at this point.  Her nose could just tell what was missing or what needed bumping up. 


Xmas Eve Dinner – starting with the relishes:



@Shelby’s cucumbers, Bebo’s (my dad’s mom) Fruit Salad, and Cranberry-Orange Sauce:



The turkey:


I put it under the broiler when it came out of the IP.  It was very juicy and tender.  Mr. Kim thought it was the best I’d ever made.  I missed getting a picture of the platter.  I also missed getting a picture of the dressing, but both of them are on the plate that I did get a picture of. 





@Marlene’s Broccoli Gratin w/ Streusel:



Sweet potatoes done in the slow cooker with marshmallows:


Ahem...You’ll notice the slight scorch marks on the paperboard plate.  Our dishwasher broke down a few days ago and we can’t get a service call until 1/4.  So, I was trying to spare the manual dishwasher (Mr. Kim) and used disposable where I could.  Since the sweet potatoes were done in the slow cooker, I couldn’t put the marshmallows on them until I got a serving out and I just used the torch to blacken them a bit.  I tried to be careful, but…🙄😊 


Sister Schubert rolls:


I keep having these good intentions of making yeast rolls before the meal and freezing them, which I know works quite well.  And we all know that good intentions pave the road to frozen commercial rolls!


My dinner plate without gravy:



And with:



My extra plate:



Christmas day - this looks like the dog’s dinner, but it’s the real reason I make turkey, gravy, and dressing every year:



My BIL and MIL came over for a yard visit and to drop off some of his chicken tortilla soup.  We were supposed to be at her house on the 26th for a family gathering, but we were unfortunately all exposed to COVID on the 23rd and now we’re all quarantining.  The soup:


So good.  He’s been making this since he moved to Arizona 25 years ago and it’s only gotten better!



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Tasted better than it looked. Brined chicken cooked 1-10-10; 黑皮鸡枞菌 (hēi pí jī cōng jūn), 'black skin chicken fir mushrooms', Oudemansiella raphanipes stir fried with garlic. Served with orzo and, for kick, some real Sriracha sauce from Thailand (not pictured).



Edited by liuzhou (log)
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Red Curry Soup with leeks, cavolo nero and egg noodles - the soup wasn’t as red as expected as our current red curry paste is much hotter than expected and so just two teaspoons were enough instead of the suggested four tablespoons. Interesting flavor combinations as the base with red curry paste, tahini, honey, soy sauce and butter.



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On 12/25/2021 at 8:54 AM, Shelby said:







My husband walked behind me while I was scrolling through your meals, saw this picture, and exclaimed "Wow! What restaurant is that??"  When I said it was someone's dinner from my food group, he was very disappointed that he could not go there and order your meal 😆


Last night, udon noodles with spinach and lots of mushrooms.





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54 minutes ago, liamsaunt said:

Last night, udon noodles with spinach and lots of mushrooms.

Oh wow! Sounds so simple and looks so good. 

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Anna Nielsen aka "Anna N"

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"""  Farmer's market greens ($16/lb.!!) ""


wow.  that's some serious coin .


I used to grow all sorts of lettuce 


Bibb ( Boston , of course ) was my favorite 


a home grown , or from my local farmers market 


( a few years ago ) had some outstanding Bibb.


very tight.  a bag of 2 - 3 heads ( as they were sold ) was


always well over a pound 


One Dollar.


Those were the Days.




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13 minutes ago, rotuts said:

"""  Farmer's market greens ($16/lb.!!) ""


wow.  that's some serious coin .



Yes - these were gorgeous - two small heads.  


At the farmer's market in Union Square, most organic greens, be they mesclun, misticanza, or just really lovely tiny lettuces, go for between $16 and $20/lb.  And in restaurants here, that's why salads are $15 - $20! You don't want to know what "micro" greens go for!

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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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Was it you baby...or just a Brilliant Disguise?

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See how nice I am to Significant Eater...




Braised artichoke, fully prepped, ready to eat, choke removed, with the heart even cut into quarters!  A mayonaise-y/vinaigrette sort of dip to go along.


Served with...




Roasted Hudson Valley duck leg fauxfit  (the legs I used to get at 2 for $5, now $12), over saffron rice.


I kinda did these the way @Duvel showed how he did the pork belly. Skin side down for an hour and then drained off that precious first run fat, over onto the other side to finish cooking. The skin just kept getting crispier and crispier.


Ended up with about a cup of fat from these 2 legs-wow!

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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

Tasty Travails - My Blog

My eGullet FoodBog - A Tale of Two Boroughs

Was it you baby...or just a Brilliant Disguise?

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@Steve Irby 


perfect work !


I favor pasta w a cream sauce , that's more like a coating


flavoring that sauce makes the character of the dish.


Ive always liked dry white whine, as a base.


Im giving saffron serious thinking as an addition to that.


then add-ins , depending on what's available.


Spinach is a perfect green , just wilted.


great work.  

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