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Dinner 2021


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3 hours ago, Dejah said:

Country-style ribs was a cut I always used for char siu. The ones I get usually has a bone at the end. The cut, like mgaretz said is cut perfectly for char siu, a mix of fat and lean.
However, our Superstore no longer carries that cut, and no other store in our city carries that cut.


IIRC county-style ribs are cross cuts of Boston (or pork) butt. Around here pork butt is almost always available but country-style ribs come and go.

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Ramen bowl with some of the mushrooms, pea shoots and cabbage from this week's CSA box, and a little bit of swordfish from our fish share.  We have been eating a lot of soups and noodle bowls lately so I bought some new oven proof bowls to keep things nice and hot while we are enjoying dinner but not so hot that the ingredients overcook.  



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I have been known to cut a fried fish sandwich in half and put tartar sauce on one half and cocktail sauce (or just catsup if not available) on the other. 😁


We ended up at our favorite Chinese-American restaurant last night.  I’ve talked about this place before.  If there is somewhere we consider “our place”, this is it.  We’ve been going since Jessica (now 37) was a toddler.  They remember us and treat us like friends.  It is in our larger neighborhood (only about 2 miles away – we’ve walked it) and we’ve spent the past almost 2 years ordering take out from them.  It was the first place that we dined in person once we felt comfortable doing that.  Jessica and I shared the Pu-Pu platter and shrimp fried rice:





Mr. Kim got Five Flavor Chicken:


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41 minutes ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

Pantry quiche = eggs, creme fraiche, sauteed guaciale, mushrooms, green onion, green chiles, garlic, fresh goat cheese, parmesan.


More delicious than it looks.


Preceded by sliced pears, blue cheese, evoo, cracked black pepper.

I like your pantry

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53 minutes ago, chileheadmike said:

Buffalo turkey wings done in the Ninja air fryer.

I had to look twice and then read the description because I was quite sure these were lobster claws!  Nice looking buffalo wings if only buffalo had wings. (Be careful what you wish for.)

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Anna Nielsen aka "Anna N"

...I just let people know about something I made for supper that they might enjoy, too. That's all it is. (Nigel Slater)

"Cooking is about doing the best with what you have . . . and succeeding." John Thorne

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Breaded pork chops with mushroom bacon gravy. Stir-fried veg and jasmine rice.



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