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Dinner 2021


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10 hours ago, heidih said:

No Caldo Verde, no Franny's Lacinto Kale Salad - though I think you miss out but we have our preferences.  https://tastecooking.com/recipes/kale-salad-started/

I ate at Franny’s whenever I could; never ordered the kale.

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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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Been a while.  I've not been taking many pictures....maybe because my food is boring lol.


My mom came for a wonderful visit and brought lots of fun things.  The pottery dish these tomatoes are on was my Grammy's.  I love it.




She also brought these awesome turnips that she grew.  We didn't eat them while she was here--I wish we would have....but we ran out of time.  So, I used them in a really good lamb stew along with crusty bread.








Pizza night with a cucumber tomato salad






Last night was Italian night



I can't seem to stop taking pictures of sliced tomatoes lol.


Eggplant parm using eggplant from the garden.






Shishitos from the garden




Pasta and spicy Italian sausages to go with.



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11 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


A favorite quotation from The Food Explorer by Daniel Stone...



"The coast of Austria-Hungary yielded what people called capuzzo, a leafy cabbage.  It was a two-thousand-year grandparent of modern broccoli and cauliflower, that was neither charismatic nor particularly delicious.  But something about it called to Fairchild.  The people of Austria-Hungary ate it with enthusiasm, and not because it was good, but because it was there.  While the villagers called it capuzzo, the rest of the world would call it kale..."


My Greek teacher who was a child in Crete under Nazi occupation told of living off "horta" (green weeds) and snails.    Yes, one eats what's there.

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eGullet member #80.

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21 minutes ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

My Greek teacher who was a child in Crete under Nazi occupation told of living off "horta" (green weeds) and snails.    Yes, one eats what's there.

The Greek community here has a tradition of gathering wild greens on the peninsula.  @russ parsonsdid a LA Times article about it in 2009. (probably paywall) - so a quote:


These days, when Alexandra Panousis takes her girls out to cut weeds for dinner, she stays in the car, directing the action from the front seat of a new Jaguar. Not those, she tells her daughter, Elaine Panousis. You want the type with the yellow flowers. Get the ones with the thinnest stems and the finest leaves, she tells her granddaughter, Alexia Haidos. And when you clean them, bend the stems so they snap at the most tender part.

It’s not that Alexandra is all that bossy; it’s just that she’s almost 97 years old. And though she still gets hungry for horta, it’s getting to be a little hard for her to hunt the hillsides and vacant lots of the Palos Verdes Peninsula the way she has for the last 75 years.





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A nice Holiday roast chicken. Sheet pan of roasted veg. I usually put the potatoes back in to double roast while the chicken rests---but they were so tender that lots of fresh lemon at the table was a better choice. Stock today, tacos tonight, pot pie tomorrow. (puff pastry in the freezer).


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Shredded lacinato kale, fennel, salad/slaw on the side. And anything else in the crisper. Usually a ginger, lemon, toasted sesame oil dressing or tahini, cilantro, lime. White miso/ginger. We can't get enough of it. I like it 2 hour-24. DH will have it day three. Loves it. With grains/beans/roasted seeds/nuts, avocado, and his recent obsession----ramen eggs. Makes nice quick-to-put-together lunches. I'm getting veg boxes every other weeks and still pulling from the garden. 

For me anyway, it is not that far from the classic American cabbage slaw. I just don't use mayo or sugar. 


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3 hours ago, liamsaunt said:

My fish share offered mahi mahi as an optional add on this week so I got some with the rest of this week's delivery and made grilled fish tacos and some elote.

Killer. I want that tonight but may come just itty-bitty close. If one of my three avocados is perfect....roasted corn in the freezer. Just a few tomatoes in the garden hanging on with a warm week here. 

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Just now, Tropicalsenior said:

Sounds delicious. Do you use all beef or a mix of beef and pork?

65% beef, 35% fatty pork - the sweet spot 🤗

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1 hour ago, Ann_T said:
We had our Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Just one day late.
Traditional turkey dinner.
Found a fresh small turkey. Just under 8lbs. I presalted it a couple of days ago.
Roasted on high heat.
Dessert - Apple Crisp.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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3 minutes ago, Ann_T said:

@Shelby, I always enjoy your catchup posts.  Everything looks wonderful, but it is the eggplant that is calling my name.


Ann that's so sweet.  Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving!  Looks SOOOOO good.  

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7 minutes ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


Her other preserved tomato posts are pretty entertaining too.


it is the peeled tomatoes that get me smiling and head-tilt giggling every time

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