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I want to learn how to cook Indian food


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I have never tried cooking for myself before

Where do i start ?


I am only free from evening 7 , that is when i come back home from work .


I live with my mother and wife .


I want to start learning cooking .


Please help

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Since your time is limited, perhaps there are preparation chores you can do to help prepare the food to be cooked the next day. I would ask whoever currently does the cooking in your home to give you instruction on how to make these preparations. Then when you have more time, you can help make the final dishes/meals. Good luck and have fun!

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A cooker is a machine on which a cook cooks.

It would help if you told us what you can cook? Can you boil an egg? Rice? What do you eat? Who cooks for you now? Can you ask them how to cook at least one dish?

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...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


The Kitchen Scale Manifesto

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I was trying to say that i wanted to get a diploma in cookery course .


i wish i could join an online class which teaches cooking .

That would be fun .


I eat eggs , vegetables , rice , chappathi , meat and fish , i am planning to only eat fish and vegetables soon .

I like fish a lot .


I am going to be a part of the sunday lunch cooking . Sunday i am free , so why not learn something during sundays .


That is a good idea





Thanks for the book suggestion . Let me see if there are any books from my state kerala .


A book written in my own language , malayalam , would be nice to read .



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On 12/18/2020 at 7:26 PM, Raw/Cooked said:

The English version is https://villagecookingkerala.com/

This site is new to me. Beautiful videos. I've only watched the chicken fry and egg curry articles so far, but they are so strong in their sense of place, custom and character. Her technique of making pastes such as ginger/garlic on the stone slab with a stone roller makes me nostalgic. No one I know in Britain uses it anymore because 1)food processors are easier and 2)who wants to carry that in their luggage across international airports? Her in-hand chopping technique is simply fantastic, not to mention the knife she uses, but I don't think I'll be adopting these anytime soon. I also like the way she washes everything, another little detail that gets lost in the transition to a kitchen where most of the food is European.  The cockerel in the background perfectly sets the soundscape. 

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I used to come home at 7pm and cook also. So I end up eating at 9:30pm sometimes. But it's worth it to make food from scratch and really rewarding. It made my life more richer and fulfilling etc. 


I think you have the time to turn out excellent dishes. 


I tried cooking from cookbooks in college but it didn't turn out good. I didn't know why. 


But I paid a little bit more for some decent pots and pans at a sale and get okay equipment. 


And I stopped focusing on learning from recipes. 


And i focused instead on understanding the science of cooking - e.g., why long heat make meat dry; why salting overnight will keep meat more moist later when cooking; why heat will burn away a lot of flavors in delicate spices; why hot oil blooms flavors in spices. 


After learning about the basic science of cooking, it helped me approach recipes more easily - like I understood what I was doing and why the author wants me to put spices, meat, veg in a certain sequence. 


....like I understood why some cooking time is longer and some is shorter etc. 


If you care about understanding cooking recipes and books from Cooks Illustrated can be super helpful. They will tell you why you are doing something every step: https://www.cooksillustrated.com



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