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Running an eco-friendly production!


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Hi everyone,


When I started my business, trying my best to be eco-friendly was a priority. I realized soon enough that it was not a piece of cake to make my ethic works hand in hand with my business.

For reasons like hygiene, costs, standards, it's not easy to make it all work. 


I'm creating this topic so we can inspire each other with simple tricks to help our planet!

I just want to be clear, we're not here to shame anyone's practices. I want this to be a safe-space for people wanting to upgrade their eco-friendly game!


Please, feel free to ask any questions, validate your ideas you're not sure about, and of course share all the little things you do you think ca help the environment! 🌱


Let's talk packaging, food waste, ingredients, plastic usage, water usage, etc...


What are your biggest challenges when it comes to eco-friendly practices?

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