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Best Place To Source A Counter (For A Pizzeria in India)


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Hey Guys, 


I run a pizzerria back in India & I'm looking for a place to source a counter from. 


I have half a mind to give my Pizzerria have an open ambience, as such I wanted customers to be able to see the kneading and base making process. 


The pizzerria has two stone ovens which are operational 24*7. I wanted to have a great quality counter placed right in front of these ovens where customers would be able to see their pizza bases fly. 


I needed help/suggestions/inputs from you guys on how to proceed with sourcing one of these counters. The one's I am looking to source locally are turning out to be quite expensive since they will be handmade. There are a few suppliers of restaurant bar counters (Link) in India that are providing a very competitive price, although I am not too sure whether I should go ahead with this. 


Any suggestions? 

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