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James Beard Awards in Hot Water?


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2 hours ago, Eatmywords said:

Sad state of affairs and a nice (thorough) piece by Bonjwing (aka Ulterior Epicure)




Huh. Shades of John T. Edge and Southern Foodways. 


The Beard Foundation DID hand out its American Classic award, to Lassis Inn in Little Rock, home of the fried buffalo (fish, that is) ribs. And a classic spot to eat, like Jones' Barbecue Diner in Marianna, over here in the Delta, the other American Classic award winner in Arkansas.


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Don't ask. Eat it.


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I read most of that nice piece.


Sounds like the problem over many years has been a lack of a truly active board of directors. The BODs job is to do audits and catch embezzlers...and to see that the mission is not deviating and to ensure t hat there's propriety in general.


BOD needs to be fired and get a bunch of folks who know what they are doing re managing a 501Cwhatever and who aren't conflicted by being the industry.  NYC has a zillion people qualified to serve.

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Yep, appears a house cleaning is in order.  I wonder, over the last several years, internet related or other, if the awards hold the same prominence they once did.  Maybe just me, but I hardly think of them anymore.

That wasn't chicken

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I have seen this funny money business in 501(c)3 foundations. Sickening but greed.... As to prestige - I personally do not see the clout of the internet superceding something like these awards. Hot stinky mess and unfortunate for deserving people in the industry. As to inequality etc -   whole other ball of wax - not to be undone on the fly. 

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I've seen the funny business inside and outside of profit/non-profit.

people abuse their position, their authority, their privilege.


absolutely zilch comma zero question about that.

true personally known example: 

economic downturn

all over-night travel required signature authorization from VP or above.


VP takes private limo to NYC

VP flies Concorde/SST to London

VP stays overnight in London - one of the most expensive cities at the time.

VP takes next day connecting flight to final destination.


rules only apply to peons.

peons take 12 stop connecting flights to save the company $100 on airfare....

VP fly Concorde and stay in lux overnight accommodations before a direct non-stop connecting flight the next day.


Citigroup was the same - thousands for shower curtains in their executive bathroom and thousands for umbrella stands in the foyer of their private office suites.....

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