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solstice - vodka, pomegranate, orange, lemon


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DW had this at a resto - and liked it.  only the first mixed drink she's ever liked . . . .


the title is how it appears on their drinks card.

I looked up solstice - had no idea the solar solstice was such and knee walking event!!

all kinds of things concocted.


the closest I found to this combo uses orange liqueur (such as Cointreau) - silly me, I assumed it would be orange juice...


any opinions on the orange and (?) lemon juice

ideas on proportions also welcome!


ps:  I'm a mixed drink dummy - ice is about the only I use.....

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thanks - is it the general opinion the reference to "orange" is an orange liqueur?

(vs. 'orange juice'? - that's not on the shelf, 'nuther trip to the state store....)


appreciate the link - proportions in less than "cups of" work better for me.


the lemon/lime juice/twist I see as variations on a theme -

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