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Padma's (from TopChef) new food show: Taste the Nation


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I watched some of one of the episodes. It seemed more concerned about the immigrant experience in the US and background political-human stuff alongside food. 


Here's the link: https://stories.zagat.com/posts/padma-lakshmi-on-her-new-political-food-show-taste-the-nation#:~:text=Padma Lakshmi On Her New Political Food Show%2C,Taste the Nation%2C is now streaming on Hulu.



I would have liked more beautiful artsy focus on food - like Chef's Table - but this is a different show to be fair. 


I remember watching Padma on TopChef once and the chef competitors didn't churn out massive amounts of food for immigrants as guest cooks at this restaurant that offered free food. 


The immigrants were annoyed (at waiting for a super long time with no food and many left). But when food did come out, Padma did remark how surprised that these people [animals] were so grabby and how the behavior of these people is so shocking. 


And her voice always seemed mannered and not genuine. So I didn't believe in her sincerity about any "sympathy?" for the immigrant experience in her talks during her show with her mannered tone of voice. 


I think she was chosen because she was a "woman of color" etc. not based on her past work, personhood, or character etc.  

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