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Trio Joan, Josep & Jordi Roca: New Tapas Bar Boca Seca

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The Roca brothers are in process of completing a major renovation on Girona´s wine route, just south of the city of Girona.  This new venue shall be called BOCA SECA ( Dry Mouth) and its specialties shall include:


A boutique hotel

Sherry Wines  with a major focus

The speciatly tapa is called Tortilla de Camarones (A specialty with tiny prawns in a Spanish Omelette ) 

Also incorporating Rocambolsec which is owned and operated by the wife of Jordi Roca, in The Capital of Girona and their project called Casa Cacao,  a special chocolate factory and gelato desserts 

An ecological vegetable and herb farm

A Winery


Definitely leaving  fingerprints on their extraordinary brand.  



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