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Favorite Coffee

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Hi there!  

I'm a beginner coffee-lover, so I collect opinions on the best coffee brands. Yeap, I know that it's a matter of taste, nevertheless feel free to share your favorite coffee brand. Either beans or ground coffee, whatever.  

I tried about 20-25 different coffee packs and I'm just looking for something new. If you know uncommon recipes of coffee, you're welcome too!  

As for me, my favorite coffee is Lavazza. I don't like bitter coffee, so this one with fruit and honey flavor tastes good for me. 

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I know a lot of people on this forum buy from Sweet Marias - green coffee beans 


I did try that seller but I found their beans to be smaller (therefore likely less ripe when picked), less chaff when roasted, and looking more processed. 


There this yucky acidity or unpleasant taste also. My beans from that seller are from Africa and Indonesia - e.g., Kenya etc - and its supposed to be the higher priced beans on that website. 


My favorite is from Invalsa still and will be going back to buying from them. Their beans are larger (more ripe when picked), more chaff when roasted, less processed. 


The taste is really good with great flavor and no detectable unpleasantness. 



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Having never gotten in to my ow coffee roasting, I bought my beans for years from Cafe Brazil in Dallas. They stopped carrying my choice, so I looked elsewhere. Currently I'm buying from Rozark Hills, a small, niche roaster in Rosebud, Arkansas, in the central Arkansas mountains. I'm presently sampling my way through their wares and at present, a Sumatran is my favorite. Their prices are good and their shipping is quick.



Don't ask. Eat it.


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The best I've had is from Coffee Mob in Brooklyn. The owner's a friend and in my opinion a brilliant roaster. Or maybe we just like the same flavor profiles. In the same league and more famous is Equator Coffee in San Francisco. If you buy from either company, take the time to get your brewing technique just right. And make sure you have a decent grinder. These coffees are expensive, and it's a waste to treat them like supermarket coffee.


I only make these coffees on weekends and occasions. It's more money than I want to spend on a daily drug, and more effort than I want to spend on a workday morning.

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Notes from the underbelly

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