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SodaStream CO2 bomb

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15 hours ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

Friends have soda stream in their basement.    Husband who drinks this water exclusively would love to have a kitchen spigot.    My husband taunts by repeatedly suggesting that they bore through the marble countertops and indeed plumb in this delivery.    Wife is not amused nor moved.   


Back down the basement stairs...

If they have a fridge with an icemaker, there's already a bored passage through the floor between basement and kitchen.  Running a seltzer line next to the ice maker line is totally doable (it's what I did... through the passage drilled through the 200 year old 8x8 beam that frames the edge of the kitchen floor)  ... unless the ice maker installer was a precision freak who drilled a hole not a mm larger than needed to run the ice line... either way, if there's an ice maker there's already one  hole in the floor in that kitchen.  Your friend's husband could have his wish pretty easily.  If leaving the marble sacrosanct and unmolested is vital, he can have a cobra tap with a magnet glued to it that sticks on the side of the fridge. 

Christopher D. Holst aka "cdh"

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