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TastyKake recipe?

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I am having MAD cravings for the original recipies from TaskyKake.  I remember growing up with tastykake when it was wrapped in wax paper.


Has anyone managed to duplicate the butterscotch krimpets?  Does anyone have a recipe for them?

If you have one I would appreciate it.



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28 minutes ago, gfweb said:

Hi I guess i didnt make myself clear.  lol   that wouldnt be the first time.


i am not looking FOR THEM. I actually HAVE a box now on my kitchen counter... which is EXACTLY what prompted me to ask for a RECIPE that might 

come close to what they USE to be !   Whatever this is that they are calling butterscotch krimpets  LOL  they dont taste anything like what they use to be !


i am looking for something as close to the original recipe as possible.  I even had a dream a few nights ago that these clowns that own tastykake now 

decided to make a run of the ORIGINAL recipe and offer them for mail order !    HAHAHA !   THAT was a REAL dream.

I mean the way they USE to taste back in the 1950's.    OMG !  if you grew up with them.... you know what i mean !


price be DAMNED !  I would buy a LOAD of them !  


but ALAS....  its just a dream.   so.. the next best thing is to try to find a recipe thats as close as possible to the ORIGINAL krimpets.

I am asking here because maybe someone knows something.  

If TastyKake is going to now make JUNK... why dont they let us have the original recipe and we can make them ourselves.



OK well....  maybe someone has something.

Please share if you have a recipe.


Thanks so much



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I don't think I've ever eaten one of these. After looking at a bunch of pictures, though, they look like a basic egg-heavy yellow cake with various toppings. I'm betting you could scratch your itch by starting there.

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if you had ever eaten a REAL original  butterscotch krimpet... you would know it.  I wouldnt be so crazy to find a recipe if it wasnt for the fact that the

REAL thing was SO GOOD.   Its not my imagination.... i have been watching this down hill slide for a long time.  i just accepted it and tried not to think about it.


now... for some reason..... these krimpets have hit a new low.  lol   i had not been paying attention to them till i decided to try a box when i saw them

at the grocery store.    it was like a bucket of ice water in the face.    all i can say is WOW !   PURE JUNK !


i have seen those recipes online and i will just try to experiment and see what i can come up with.  since i KNOW what they SHOULD taste like.

i'll know the recipe when i find it.


thanks for your help.  if there is anything i REALLY want to try to replicate..... its these things.  

Vegas is full of bakers and maybe someone can give me some ideas.  i'll hunt around.

its gonna have to take some older folks  that tasted them and know what i am talking about.   

if you weren't around back when they were fabulous.... there is no way to tell you

what they were like.  lol


All the Tastykake products were sensational.  they really were.  

oh well.

I'll work on it.   thanks for your suggestions.

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...in wax paper . . .

oh dear.  I remember , , , I'm _that_ old....?

I grew up in the Phila area.


butter scotch was actually my least favorite.

I always found their stuff floating in oil.

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12 hours ago, AlaMoi said:

...in wax paper . . .

oh dear.  I remember , , , I'm _that_ old....?

I grew up in the Phila area.


butter scotch was actually my least favorite.

I always found their stuff floating in oil.

YES !!!!   wax paper !  LOL

now that you mentioned it....  they were always a bit moist.   i liked it. 


the butterscotch was not for everyone... most people loved those 3 chocolate cup cakes... wrapped in wax paper.

i even looked online for a picture of a single package of those 3 chocolate cup cakes wrapped in the wax paper.  

i could not find one..... i found lots of other things.... but not that.





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Tastykake  advertised that they went back to the old pie recipe last summer. The implication is obvious.


Having said that I still like the krimpets. And I still cut each of the 3 chocolate cupcakes into quarters using the cardboard base as a knife. Just like I did in 3rd grade.

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On 5/14/2020 at 6:43 PM, gfweb said:

Tastykake  advertised that they went back to the old pie recipe last summer. The implication is obvious.


Having said that I still like the krimpets. And I still cut each of the 3 chocolate cupcakes into quarters using the cardboard base as a knife. Just like I did in 3rd grade.

well THATS really interesting about the pies.  I didnt know that.


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