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are boxing and rolling a cocktail identical terms?

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I've been reading up on these two terms and watching videos associated with these terms and am slightly confused whether these terms are identical

what I have gathered is


BOXING :  built in glass rolled back and then forth (back to the glass) ONCE  (with ice - yes)

ROLLING: built in the mix can and rolled back and forth SEVERAL TIMES, then poured into glass  (with ice - yes)


How do you guys use the terms, please let me know


This is merely out of curiosity and of theoretical importance (in case I commence my mixology classes in the future)!


Thanks and Cheers

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I'm a professional in the industry and before that a longtime cocktail aficionado and I've never once heard the term boxing. The definition is rolling is correct, though.


There is a difference between rolling and throwing though - in throwing the cocktail is poured from the small to the large tin from a height several times, providing a lot of aeration and looking very dramatic

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