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Misoyaki Buri


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Found a nice piece of buri at my local fish market in Huntsville, AL. So I had some sashimi and marinaded the rest in shio miso, mirin, sake, and sugar. Marinaded for 3 days then grilled under my broiler. It was very tasty, but dry. Did I over cook it, marinaded too long, or what?

Any ideas?

The buri toro was nice and fatty; just the way I like it. But I ate that sashimi within the 1st 10 minutes of getting it home.

Also (once I get the misoyaki dryness figured out) can I cook saba (Frozen) with miso?


Thank you in advance.

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@Kataoka "Buri" is hamachi? Saba (mackerel) is a separate piece of fish that you want to cook?

The 3-day marinade was maybe too long. All that salt (shio miso) maybe drew out too much moisture from your fish.


Fish is sometimes sold, frozen, with a miso marinade (thick) already on it. So, I'm assuming it's OK to store it like that. I would defrost it before cooking.


Personally, I would eat the hamachi raw, all of it.


Edited to add: Actually, maybe the 3-day marinade should have been OK. Try Googling "misoyaki butterfish". The recipes call for a long marinade. Not sure whether buri and butterfish are exactly comparable, though. Hamachi seems more delicate.

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You might have hit on something in regards to butterfish. (black cod). It is super fatty. Hard to get as it has a super short shelf life. I talked to my mom about the dry, miso-buri. She's never had it before but she use to make miso-salmon. She would only marinate it for 4 to 6 hours. Told me I marinated it too long. I'm gonna try buri again but follow my mom's method.


Funny, when I was a kid, I hated miso-salmon. Could be that it was always Coho. Not my favorite salmon.


Thank  you for your suggestion.

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