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Food in the time of a pandemic

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13 hours ago, liamsaunt said:

This week's CSA.  I am getting overrun with winter squash, because my Mom was leaving them behind when cherry picking what she wanted from my box while I was in Wellfleet.  I think I am going to make a roasted squash lasagna this week.  And, look at all of the daikon radishes!  I already have a quart of them pickled for banh mi.  Any other suggestions for what do do with them?


Might be too similar to the pickles, but cubed radish kimchi is probably the easiest kimchi you can make, and rather lovely. 

I also really like daikon simmered in brothy dishes — I often will add them to chicken or vegetable soups.  Brings out their sweetness.


(Really tempted by their spring CSA share, at that discount. We already signed up for a winter share elsewhere, and for the market style share at our current farm for next summer, but having something for the gap in between would be nice.)

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Made an afternoon brunch today that leaned pretty heavily on our staples — CSA vegetables and stuff from our Imperfect Foods box.


Base was purple barley from Imperfect, just salted and finished with a little butter.


Roasted a small honeynut squash and some CSA carrots in the CSO alongside some red onion quarters. For healthier meals I love that I can steam roast veg without adding extra oil and still get a nice result.


Made a quick pickle of some CSA daikon (which has been sitting around the fridge for weeks and weeks!) in apple cider vinegar, honey, and soy.


Sauteed the tops of two bunches of CSA hakurei turnips with garlic and olive oil for something green (and finished with a little of the brine from the daikon). This was exceptional; they're really wonderful greens.


Tied everything together with a sauce I ended up really loving — tahini, miso, and maple. Used a standard tahini sauce method starting with lemon juice, then added a glug of maple syrup and a spoonful of a fancy black soy miso we got from a producer in maine (go-en). I think I will play with the balance on this one (it was too sweet to be versatile, but perfect for roasted roots) but I can see it becoming a favorite.


And crispy fried eggs on top, almost forgot!

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