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More Instant Pot wizardry: Easter Eggs cooked in the dye!

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1 hour ago, lemniscate said:

I bet it does work. Anyway I hope you take one for the team and tell us. 

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Kind of takes the fun out of it for the kids and kid-like adults. I have colored hundreds  if not more  eggs over the years. Not a chore but rather an event. But then again not a gadget girl here (though I did want to be Gidget...) My metal thingies are at least 20 years old and- work like a charm. Paper bowls, outside work table - no fuss or mess.

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Well, I finally got around to trying this technique this year.  I had *some* limited success.  Two of the mason jars I used as vessels of color broke in the IP (out of 6).  They were used jars, could have had hairline cracks I didn't notice I suppose.  I was using the metal trivet, that could maybe contribute to breakage, possibly.  I have a silicone trivet, maybe if I try this next year I will use it.  I just gave up after 2nd broken jar and went back to cook eggs first, then color.

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