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Danette like pudding with carrageenans or other hydrocolloids.

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I am trying to make pudding with carrageenans. I am looking for a silky texture like Danette (I don't know if this is available in the USA).

My two first experiments were a complete failure, any help would be nice.


I used 200g milk, 30g sugar, 0.3g carrageenan lambda and 0.3 carrageenan iota. Bring up temperature to 85C, hold for a couple of minutes and pour to ramekins.


- The batch failed due to frothing, milk frothed even with minimal whisking. Even after I let it rest in the fridge overnight, it was all froth. I tasted some, it had a horrible almost solidified frothy texture and I threw it away.

- Second batch had a lot of froth as well, but less than the first batch. After the overnight rest, I removed the layer of froth (it made a distinctive sound!) and the bottom layer looked like it was smooth. Alas! It was not, it was super grainy.


I need to understand how NOT to froth the milk and

I need to understand why the carrageenans didn't produce a silky smooth texture.


The list of ingredients of Danette (chocolate) is this:

full-cream milk and concentrated skimmed milk (83%), sugar, syrup of glucose, thickeners: E 1442, E 407 (carrageenans), cream (2%), lactose, flavor, starch, salt, dye: E 160a (beta carotene

From this site: https://www.frenchclick.co.uk/p-80-danette-vanille-4x125g.aspx


I imagine that the modified starch is there because it has good synergy with carrageenan.

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I just posted the question and it hit me, perhaps I need to include just a little heavy cream in order for the milk not to froth.

Can this be the case?

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