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New Tayyab

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if there's a group trip special dinner to tayeb or new tayeb, count me and perhaps a friend or two in (if i'm in the country and not off galavanting somewhere).

i love tayeb/nt.

their food, their prices, their general ambience. and i like going next door to the sweets shop at the old tayeb and buying a box of too many sweets.

Marlena the spieler


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There's one coming up in October. I'll be posting details very soon.However, sorry but after that I will NOT count you in until and unless you specifically confirm and give a definite commitment. Saying I MIGHT come will not do I'm afraid. :smile: Goes for everyone BTW.

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Tony, Faro, Charlene, Chris, Me & Rob had a superb supper there last night

Meeting up just after 6pm at the grim but convenient Good Samaritan pub we had a few pints first ( while sending Chris off to buy some extra bottles of wine - four bottles for six people what were we thinking?) then headed the short walk to the heaving restaurant

Faro, in full John the Baptist mode had gone ahead to prepare the way and, I guess there had been much clucking and finger wagging as all the waiters hid the moment we popped our heads through the door. There were already queues out of the door, but we went straight to our nice big round table and set about the wine and papads while F ordered

First up were huge ( and I mean huge ) plates of freshly grilled Kebabs, Mutton chops and Chicken. These came with the best indian breads in London by far. I don't eat bread but I devoured tons of it ( and there was tons of it to devour ) Roti, Stuffed paratha and Naan. piping hot and with loads of ghee. Fabulous

I often think at tayyab that the grilled meats outshine the curries. Not on this night. Saag Lamb, two types of dhal and a super dry meat curry were amongst the best I have had there. All eaten with more more breads. Stunning

To drink, we had a South Australian Reisling ( from Charlene ) an agreeable South African pinotage ( from me ) an excellent Faustino Primera Grand reserva 1994 ( Tony ) and some others I don't recall ( a beauj I think )

Great food, great company and a great evening

The bill, with a big tip was £15 each

The BEST value in London


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What constantly impresses me is how they keep the quality so high in the face of such crowds. Marvellous sizzling Seekh Kebabs last night, bursting with juice and flavour and what are they? 70p a stick?. Wonderful dahls and breads. Why isn't every Pakistani restaurant around there doing what they're doing? I've eaten in all of them and the only one that comes close for the food is the Lahore Kebeb House in Umberstone St, but that falls way down on ambience and service (and hygeine apparently-it was closed 3 times in 2002 by environmental inspectors-maybe they've put it right now).

I've been into the kitchens at Tayyabs and they are spotless. The people are nice. I luuurrve the place.

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A very pleasant evening last night, in the company of Macrosan, Gary Marshall (Guest of Honour), Charlene, her husband Chris and some woman called Rosie who keeps following me around. Macrosan arrived at the Good Samaritan pub, looking fit and healthy having worked up an appetite in the gym. Gary and I achieved the same state of nirvana by imbibing two lagers and two pints of Directors ale respectively.

Incidentally- when reserving a table I gave my name as Bapi and the chap on the phone at NT, said "Oh, are you on egullet? I read it all the time". Which was nice - if a bit disconcerting. Thankfully, I had the good sense to say that Gary was down from York, especially to try the food, and asked for them to look after us - hurrah.

Arrived at just after six and it was fairly quiet, which was good as this place gets ridiculously packed later on.

Gary will give us a full run down of what we had quantity wise, but from memory, we had:

Tandoori chicken (succulent, moist and juicy),

seekh kebabs( spicy, but very flavoursome)

massalla fish( a tad dry unfortunately)

chicken tikka ( excellent)

Lamb chops (Not only bigger than we have had before, but by the far best, as they were splendidly tender)

Mains were

Large portion Batera (Quails cooked in a rich sauce) - v tender and highly recommended, but only available on Tuesdays.

Large Dry Meat- A personal favourite. A heavily reduced sticky sauce coating tender pieces of meat. Absolutely moreish.

Small Chicken Keema- Shredded chicken in a rich, slightly sweet, but spicy sauce -very good.

Large Murgh Channa - Chicken cooked on the bone in a fantastic sauce, strewn with chickpeas. Another Tuesday night special

Large pumpkin curry- actually marrow, but who cares? Served with onions and peas- very nice.

Umpteen world class breads: garlic naan , plain naan , keema naan , paratha

I was quite impressed with the amount of large portions of main courses Charlene ordered. I remember thinking - You go for it girl, gosh, she must be hungry! I only managed to reel her back in with a nudge about getting a small chicken keema instead of a large. But actually, I thought we ordered rather well, especially as we got through all the curry( just), but not the breads.

Service from Ali and his team was very good and relaxed, especially as it wasn't very busy. Ali is very helpful, as I noticed that when Charlene and I were ordering, he actually tried to stop us from ordering too many starters, so that we could progress on too mains later on. Didn't stop us though naturally!

A very enjoyable meal and the fact that I am still fragrant with the faint heady aroma of curry the day after (despite two showers since the meal), is still a small price to pay.

If you have read this thread, live in or near London and have not yet been to New Tayyabs, you must be mad. GO

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Incidentally- when reserving a table I gave my name as Bapi and the chap on the phone at NT, said "Oh, are you on egullet? I read it all the time". Which was nice - if a bit disconcerting.

You'll be needing a manager and a publicist soon.

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True to my word, a swiftly arranged london trip saw me, after a lost taxi tour round some of the east-ends less salubrious spots, arrive at the Good Samaritan in time to meet Bapi. Considering I’d had lunch at the don and travel arrangements necessitating an early dinner I was slightly apprehensive about the challenge ahead, especially after joining in the barrage of abuse (quite rightly) aimed at bapi for being a lightweight non-curry finisher a few weeks ago. Luckily the combination of a few pints with bapi, and a shared bottle of wine post meetings sharpened my appetite :biggrin:

I can tell you that we consumed (easily!)

6 seekh kebabs,

1 chicken tikka

2 tandoori chicken

2 masala fish

2 lamb chops (containing 3-4 chops per portion)

6 papad (oms, )

3 batera (quails)

2 murg chana

2 dry meat

1 chick keema

2 tinda masala

7 breads

3 mango kulfi

total £91.70

it looked a lot, and at first it looked like a significant doggy bag would be acompanying me on the train home but there were only a few scraps left, other than the bread which we probably did over –order

The was certainly as good as I was led to believe, the nearest I know of in the north is the Mumtaz at Bradford whose best dishes do rival the NT but they don’t have anywhere near the selection.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the currys were quite dry and comprised of highly flavoured ingredients rather than ‘meat in a sauce style’ more commonly found, I also thought the food did suit wine rather than my usual lager accompaniment. This did not stop me from encouraging others into my bad drinking habits (well it was £5 for 6 cans of 1664) but the riojas also consumed stood up well to the spicy onslaught, and the beaujolais was also no great hardship to consume either!

The company was excellent, the staff friendly, food magnificent and all in all well worth getting home at midnight for as, not unexpectedly I was having such a good time I didn’t want ot rush off for the 8pm train.

As for gossip from the evening I don’t feel its right for me to tell the world about the potential new TV star in our midst, over to you charlene..…….


you don't win friends with salad

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Charlene -Isn't the programme you may be going on, the same that Andy went on a few years back?

I shall keep an eagle eye out for you and any offending Bratwurst, you may try to club me to death with on the sausage trail.

Andy - you are lucky to have me, as well you know my little cauliflower.

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Charlene -Isn't the programme you may be going on, the same that Andy went on a few years back?

I've never appeared on Crimewatch, that was just a nasty rumour. The photofit just looked a bit like me, thats all. They couldn't prove a thing.

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Okay, okay - I know - I take a long time to catch up with the conversation. Some of us have work to do, Bapi?

Charlene - Bapi is already in line for a good pinching and kicking from our friend Nuria when we go to Ludlow for previous offences of general rudeness and lack of respect.

I'm afraid I simply don't have him properly trained.

NT this time was the best ever (I think). usually I'm stumped after the starters but I just kept going ....

My excuse is I'm in training for Ludlow - essential I would say. Bapi might even allow me to write up one of the meals - possibly the Little Chef lunch he'll buy me on the way - but I doubt it.

Nice to see you again: Gary, Charlene, Macrosan.



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Incidentally- when reserving a table I gave my name as Bapi and the chap on the phone at NT, said "Oh, are you on egullet? I read it all the time". Which was nice - if a bit disconcerting.

Hello Man from New Tayab! I shall be visiting on Saturday 6th September - any chance you can arrange a portion of Batera for me? :wink:

Incidentally I shall be comparing you to my current king of North Indian/Pakistani food - Mirch Masala in Norbury - you have a lot to live up to! :biggrin:

Edited by Matthew Grant (log)

"Why would we want Children? What do they know about food?"

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Hello Man from New Tayab! I shall be visiting on Saturday 6th September - any chance you can arrange a portion of Batera for me? :wink: 

New Tayyab only serves Batera (quails) as a special dish on Tuesdays. They have a special dish every night and they can't interchange them. Can't remember what it is on Saturdays.

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  • 4 months later...

Congratulations to New Tayyabs on being nominated for the best "Indian "Restaurant in the Carlton London Restaurant Awards 2004. :biggrin:

Well deserved, although it may well make it even more impossible to get a table now. :shock:

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My best friend (an NHS Manager no less- No booing please) was down from OOOOp North yesterday and I dragged him to NT for a quick dinner, before the 9.25 from St Pancras beckoned. Having introduced him to the delights of dimsum at Harbour City last year, which he still eulogises about; I was keen for him to try the delights of New Tayyabs.

We had:

Poppadums with yoghurt sauce, mango chutney, and the fiery red chilli sauce (New Tayyabs virgins beware)

3 moist and flavoursome Shami kebabs (only available on Wednesday)

3 Seekh kebabs (My favourite :rolleyes: - try a piece of kebab wrapped in a bit of tandoori roti with a little bit of salad and spoonful of youghurt sauce- bloody sublime I tell you)

Tandoori chicken (I think it’s the best I have ever tasted at any restaurant)

Lamb chops (he pronounced "absolutely delicious" as he devoured them)

2 Tandoori rotis

Then, Karhai Chicken Keema - moreish.

Dry meat - I am delighted to say he said it was the best lamb curry he had ever eaten. I agree, it was superb last night. Eaten with two moist buttery nans.

All that for about £12 pounds each, which he couldn't believe.

Two things made me happy about seeing my friend last night.

1) Catching up over a beer and taking him to New Tayyabs for what he said was one of, if not the best curries he had ever eaten.

2) The fact that he is as bald as they come and I have considerably more hair than he does. In fact his 5 month old chubbly son has more than him. :laugh:

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