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Dinner 2020


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Sunday night = pizza night (you knew this already). Last week I made an extra pizza for the neighbors boy, today I had three orders more ... am happy to report that my output gets very consistent.



Ham & Mozzarella 




Mushrooms, Mozzarella & Jamon Serrano




Mushrooms, Olives, Mozzarella & Jamon Serrano




Mushrooms, Salami & Mozzarella




Olives, Salami & Mozzarella 




Fresh cheese, Lamb filet & Mint (for me)




Obligatory crumb shot ...



With my improvised cooling rack I can at least present the nice bottom spotting ...



Enjoyed together with the original Peter Pan movie 🤗


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entre nous 


sorry my German is a bit weak


back in the day , when I was 10 - 11 ys


and my parents were teachers and were invited to


several places in Germany and etc


I knew how to count .   I knew how to ask politely 


in the various "" sausage houses "   to get a pair or more of


sausage , on rye bread , possibly w a small beer


and pay up and ask for the Lavatoir 


good days then




what's the state of 




my favorite sausage 


and I have many.

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Asparagus again. 7 kilos in 2 weeks.

With beetroot-cured salmon and North Sea shrimp (Crangon crangon).





On 4/12/2020 at 8:04 PM, Smithy said:

More about the buttermilk ricotta, please. How did you make it? That may be just the way to use up some buttermilk I've had hanging around for far too long.


I've replied to your PM. Cheers.

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1 minute ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


How do you roast your broccoli?


Blanch in salted boiling water for about 90sec. Spin dry and roast at 375 convection in the Breville. Takes about 15 min or so. These could’ve been more browned, but it’s a fine line between just right and dried out. 

I tried using the steam oven without steam, but the oven seals so tight, they ended up steaming anyway. 

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Oven Baked Pork Baby Back Ribs - covered and baked at 425F for an hour and a half.




Slathered with Barbecue Sauce, then wrapped and returned to a 225F oven for another hour.




Falling off the bone good; served with a salad.




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Thinly sliced and pounded pork, egg and whole wheat flour “breading” with blistered green beans and mushroom sauce.  DH called it Jägerschnitzel.  My unauthentic cooking streak continues and I enjoy it.


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33 minutes ago, TdeV said:


Truly lovely. How do you do your halibut?



I took a strip of bacon and thinned  it by pressing on it hard with my chefs knife.  If you don’t, it takes forever to cook the bacon and the fish gets overdone. 

I pan roasted it, paying lots of attention  to the bacon on the sides of the fish which needs to be done too. Basting with hot oil did a lot and I briefly torched it to finish cooking the edge bacon. 

Even so, the halibut was a bit over...just a bit.  I should have chilled it first. 

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