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the visual harmonics 


esp color


of  @liamsaunt 


plates are outstanding.


some time ago,






I I took some Saturday classes in Power Tools etc


RISD  had an outstanding '' design ' academic bookstore 


a few volumes I got there are lost


but there were three books on Color


just a series of pages w 4 - 5 , I forget


color bars  , that were in harmony 


w the various computer numbers that gave you these colors


for desk top printing 


new then


I realized that auditory harmonic we hear every day


but its the same for visuals 


you can't just paint your house w 4 ''on sale cold(u)s '


on sale , you would be missing Color Harmonitcs


after all 


colo(u)r is a wave length 


same as sound 


do I wish I still had those books



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Staying in good old Bundaberg for the weekend. Decided to try 'Meekak' an all you can eat Korean Buffet/Bbq place. 

Authentic? Perhaps not 100% but I've never been to Korea so 🤷‍♀️. Was fun, staff were amazing, wouldn't rush back but wouldn't hesitate if invited. 


Kids Plate 



Parent nibbles 





More parent nibbles



Kids Drink/Parents Regret 


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3 minutes ago, liamsaunt said:



Thank you!


Last night, wide rice noodles in a creamy miso ginger sauce with pickled carrots, cabbage, herbs, and miso-marinated broiled salmon




Looks great!  Do you have a light box or something that you use to take your photos?  The lighting is always so even....

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12 hours ago, Zirael said:

How do you marinate pork before grilling? Looks very tasty!

I don’t. A few minutes before putting it on I season with salt, pepper and sometimes garlic powder. The maple bourbon glaze is simply maple syrup with a splash of bourbon. 


My eG Food Blog


My T shirt site: Guy Bling

My NEW Ribs site: BlasphemyRibs.com

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1 hour ago, KennethT said:

Looks great!  Do you have a light box or something that you use to take your photos?  The lighting is always so even....


I do.  I have this: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B001B8G4R8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1


I bought it about 10 years ago and it does not look like it is available anymore.  It folds down for storage. I have it set up in my small dining room, which is adjacent to my main kitchen (I have two dining rooms and two kitchens, weird house haha). I keep my camera on a tripod in there so I can just pop the plate in and take a quick picture on the way to the table.  We rarely eat in that room so it's not in the way.

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To stay with the „lent“ theme, today fish dinner with everything the German cuisine has to offer on that subject: herring, in many, many ways ...


Overview ...



Brathering ...


Matjes (with onion ponzu) ...



Heringssalat (left) and Fleischsalat (right, for good measure) ...



Smoked ...



Omelette with brown shrimps ...



Helped by a Glengoyne 21yo (or was is two or three ?) ...


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Pork tenderloin medallions with marsala sauce made with MTG chicken stock, roasted broccoli (just barely crunchy at the tips) and new potatoes sauteed in butter.

(no photo, camera malfunction).

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Tomato soup - roasted tomatoes, onion and garlic. Thyme, chili, some oats to thicken.

Rotelle n' cheese, using Modernist Cuisine's recipe, and some broccoli. For the sauce, I used cheddar and some odd ends of Mimolette I found in the freezer. The picture seems a bit light on the sauce, but trust me it was creamy and cheesy. I'm fond of this sauce recipe - it's super quick to prep, but it's been a while since I last made it.





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~ Shai N.

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Hello Indonesia


We visited a hole in the wall Indonesian eatery and the short of it, it is a far cry from the Malaysian cuisine which remains my Asian favorite.




1- Spring Rolls (non Indonesian)








2- Satay (non Indonesian)








3- Gado Gado








4- Murtabak










6- Mee Goreng (non Indonesian)









7- Soto (something)





Taste: 1/5

Presentation: 1/5

Service: 1/5

Cost: Cheapest ever




As they were out of any dessert, we moved next door to the Italian hole in the wall for a Tiramisu which they did not have.


However, we fell on a very nice surprise as they started to offer Fabbri Gelato !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yumm.

The Fabri Gelato is a soft Ice Cream which is churned on a set timer and is delectable.


They had 4 flavours: Salted Caramel - Aqua Vera - Chocolate and Vanilla


Of course I had to taste all the flavours and got the Vanilla one with the famous Amarena Fabbri syrup.  (Sour Cherries).


Score: 5/5











Note to self: I need to purchase this Ice Cream churning  machine and run it in the bedroom...... I wonder if the wife will agree?


She got me this last time:






Poor poor Me!








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