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Dinner 2020


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Son and d-i-l over for dinner. We did a bunch of small plates.



Shrimp and artichoke dip



Chorizo-stuffed dates wrapped with bacon




Shrimp and grits (butter/sherry vinegar and pimenton sauce) and @weinoo's roasted tomato



Roasted sprouts with sweet chili sauce and bacon



Maple/mustard glazed lamb chops


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Today we had two almacos, decided to try a recipe of Maangchi for fried snapper and came out quite good, the second fish was simply broiled. The husband came home with another pound of mahi-mahi eggs, thinking I’d like to venture into bottarga making but after asking to a Sardinian guy, that makes his own bottarga, I am unsure, here is so hot and humid 🙄 I pan fried some of the eggs and covered in the same sauce for the fried fish (more for tomorrow). White rice and rapini. 





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9 hours ago, Franci said:

How long I didn’t have joongzi, that’s wonderfully @Dejah! I don’t know if I have the patience. Maybe just make the steamed sticky rice instead? 


Love the tagines too! 

You can always make Nor Mai Gai. Cook sticky rice with diced meats, mushrooms, then wrap with lotus leaf and steam. This is just a stock photo from the Internet.

Lo Mai Gai (Nuomiji) - Lotus Leaf Wraps with Chicken | Unfamiliar China

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My sister-in-law dropped something off that she made. I've never seen this before, and it was too cold to chat outside, so I didn't find out where she got the idea/recipe from.

I sliced it, warmed it up a bit, and ate it with a conglomeration of the lamb and the chicken tagine leftovers, a little mix of basmati rice and corn.

I guess I can call it Rice and Sausage Bun? The dough was slightly sweet. The sausage was wrapped with cooked sticky rice, and  the whole thing steamed.
All served us well for supper after our trek out to the farm house. It was windy and cold today, with a light snow flurry. 😒





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13 hours ago, shain said:


I boiled them in salted water until they were done, then oiled, grilled over high flame, sauced and briefly grilled again. I'm not sure that the second grilling did much, I wanted to carmelize the sauce a bit, but would skip it next time.

Regardless the blanching, I had to make those from scratch and I think they were a bit dry, so commercial ones might be grill ready. We are quite behind when it comes to Asian food and culture around here... I'd be surprised if there's any store in the country selling it at all :(


13 hours ago, MokaPot said:

Not sure about the Korean rice cakes (tteokbokki), but you can pan-fry the Japanese rice cakes (mochi). You get a nice, caramelized crust on the "cakes."


Chang, in the very first iteration and actual first Noodle Bar on 1st Avenue, had a rice cake dish on the menu. Pretty positive he didn't make his own (didn't make his noodles for ramen either, but you knew that); they were oiled and cooked on the plancha and they were great.


A bit of the mise for wonton making yesterday...




In process...




I had 2 kinds of skin - the yellow ones are thinner than the lighter ones. I stuffed these with as much meat as possible...I figure I get finished faster that way (also why I didn't make fancier ones), and they probably have twice as much filling as a wonton at my local wontoneria.




Jazzed up the standard scallion ginger oil by adding two types of Szechuan chilis from Mala Grocery. It's good!

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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

Tasty Travails - My Blog

My eGullet FoodBog - A Tale of Two Boroughs

Was it you baby...or just a Brilliant Disguise?

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@gfweb All of that looks amazing.  Lucky son and d-i-l!


@FranciI'm getting really jealous of all of your fresh fish.


@DejahI'm like Franci, I don't know if I'd have the patience, but I reallllllly want everything you've posted on this page!


Oddly, our green beans in the garden decided to make more....so that called for venison meatloaf to go with them.






Ahhhhhh Bisto! gravy on the taters :) 

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48 minutes ago, Dante said:

Jollof Rice with air fried tofu



How do you ptrp the tfu fr air fryer, and how do you find the resulting texture? I have my various tried and true tofu preps but curious. There was one in this house - MIA. Considering getting a little one. 

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One of the best tasting cuts of meat but looks the worst.



There are purple carrots in the braising liquid.



Crispy fried cubes of squash with freekeh and sliced savoy cabbage.



@Franci, re roe. Have you tried steaming? I have posted a bunch of photos of ways I eat roe. Best part of the fish. In fact, keep the fish and let me have the roe!

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Alkaline noodles. Merged the sauce and topping. Mushrooms, tempeh, douchi (black fermented beans) and zhacai (mustard root pickle) make the base, along with mild chilies, toasted peppercorn, garlic, a bit of ginger. Sesame paste, homemade chili oil, black rice vinegar, a bit of sugar, and MSG.

For my serving I opted for a far more generous amount of spring onions. I'd go for some blanched spinach or other greens, but didn't had any.





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~ Shai N.

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12 minutes ago, BonVivant said:

One of the best tasting cuts of meat but looks the worst.



With your plating and photography skills, you could make an ash tray look appetizing. Given you make great food to boot, I can't think of a single photo you shared that'd be out of place in a glossy-paged cookbook.

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~ Shai N.

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“Gyros & movie night“ instead of the usual pizza-fueled variety - no complaints (neither about food nor my movie choice “Totoro”)


Nicely stacked ...




And crisped w/ „veggie part“




Pita bread in the making




Brushed with oil and grilled 




Assembly process, easy as child‘s play





And a little reward for the cook !



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59 minutes ago, liuzhou said:

Burgers tonight. The first of three.








Perhaps you could zoom in a bit more next time because I can't tell from the photo, is that green lettuce on the burger as well?!














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