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Dinner 2020


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Took a break from fish tonight, because I was too lazy to leave the house and pick up from the fish market.  Arugula salad




Spaghetti and turkey meatballs (meatballs vacuum sealed and brought frozen from home)




Back on fish tomorrow.  Leftover wine from dinner was enjoyed with the sunset....



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@Duvel – the bread coating on your schnitzel is incredible.  Such perfection.  From all the posts I commend for excellent breading/coating skills, I’m starting to think I have a bit of an obsession with it.  And re: that rotisserie – do you think you could do gyro meat on that?  Sorry, different thread. 😄


@CantCookStillTry – much to discuss – your entire meal (mostly – I’m not a pea fan) is fabulous, but that roast is incredible.  The broccoli/cauliflower mix takes me back to my childhood.  All of my English relatives made that vegetable mix for every festive/holiday meal I ever ate with them (occasionally adding sprouts), I need sage and onion stuffing balls in my life (recipe, please?), and lastly – do those enamel pans nest?  Because if they do, I need to order a bunch of them.  Wow! 


On Friday, we had breakfast sandwiches for dinner – hash brown patties on bottom bun:



American cheese:



An egg and a smear of Sriracha (for Mr. Kim):



Breakfast sausage:






Served with some lovely late plums and early tangelos:



The British expat food group that I belong to on FB has had good things to say about this brand of frozen fried cod:



So, Saturday night was fish and chips and broccoli salad:



Along with malt vinegar and tartar sauce:


All pretty good.  I did twice fried chips this time.  Mr. Kim preferred @patti’s oven fries from the other night – they were crispier.  So are frozen fries when cooked in oil.  I feel the need to try making fresh potato French fries every so often, and they are never as crisp as we like. 


I have no pictures of it, but I am blaming tonight’s dinner on @Shelby.  Her gyro craving had us turning up at Arby’s for a big roast beef (Mr. Kim) and a Jie-row (me – sigh).  I was quizzed on whether I wanted chicken, beef, or “Greek meat”.  We said “Greek meat” to one another so many times tonight that it became both unreal and hilarious.  It was about what you’d expect and deserve. 

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Masaman curry. Started with a store bought paste, and amped it up with fresh herbs and spices (garlic, ginger, lemongrass, cumin, coriander seed, anise, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, makrut lime, lime zest, pepper). Mushrooms, carrots, tofu, tofu skin, onion and tomatoes. Some coconut milk, tamarind, a bit of fish sauce and a touch of dark sugar.

Bok choy and shrimps in the style of pad pak boong - stir dried with garlic chunks, chilies, oyster sauce, yellow bean sauce, soy sauce. Savory, spicy and smokey.

Mango salad with lettuce, rice noodles, fried tofu, peanuts, cashew, onion, scallions. Sauce of lime juice, orange zest, fish sauce, coconut oil, sugar, chili.



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~ Shai N.

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Cape Cod reubens using local flounder for most




Nephew won't eat that so I made him sausage and escarole soup using escarole from my CSA.  It was a win win situation.  He thought the soup was great, and I hate escarole except for winter soups, which I am not ready for just yet.   




Bonus picture: Hurricane Teddy is passing by (far away) today.  The sea is way up.  We went by about three hours before high tide, and this is how it looked on the ocean side.  20 foot breaking waves on the shore were predicted for high tide, and through tomorrow.   Massive dune erosion, unfortunately.  That's a great white shark bite remediation kit in the red box on the dune.  A fixture on all Cape Cod beaches these days.  I have never seen a great white myself, only partially chomped seals washed up on shore from their feeding habits.  



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Wahoo fish ended up on the grill, easy, easy, with brown rice and some broccoli stalks  (with kimchi paste for me although my girl is starting eating it too, this one is pretty spicy!). The fish was a revelation, I was expecting a flavour/texture similar to Spanish mackerel. And you know what the husband first sentence was, after saying “interesting”...:-It tastes like chicken! 🤣 A very good and mild fish but since it costed the same as spiky lobster, I don’t think we are going to buy that often. I see how people who are not fish eaters might like it. 




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@Kim Shook Thanks! Exactly what I was going for. Really wanted a good old fashioned Englush style roast - conceeded the pumpkin for my Aussie audience. 

Yes the enamels nest. Some on purpose some by happy accident (half belonged to my grandmother and I had sent over when I spotted them in the 'dump' pile on facetime 😂). 

Stuffing balls are my cheaty get ahead. Stale bread and sage blitzed to crumbs, combine with cooled sweated onion and garlic, bind with egg. Roll in to balls and cook for 20 mins in a little stock. Then I usually freeze for a quick side that looks like I tried hard. On the day chuck them in with whatevers in the oven for the last 20 mins 🙂

Funnily enough I spent all day telling my husband I had forgotten something and being grouched at because there was no way there was supposed to be more. Half way through dinner, I dropped my fork and angrily muttered "It was the bleeping Sprouts". 😂

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@Franci I need to write the name of that fish down and hope to find some.  Looks interesting!


Pepperoni and sausage pizza



Chicken taco salads




Venison stroganoff with beans from the garden




Hot wing.  Really hot.  Paid for that the next day lol.




Had this cute little watermelon in the garden.  Perfect for a Deep Run Roots meal :) .  




I made Vivian's tomato pie and the pork with watermelon.  Hit the spot.





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1 hour ago, scamhi said:

greenmarket tomato that got smushed on the way home. Sliced with basil oil.

Shrimp with feta and tomato sauce. low carb topping shallot, parsley and pulverized pork rinds




If you have not already, try making your basil oil in a mortar and pestle next go round; it will be a revelation to your taste buds.

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This is probably our last free avocado from a neighbor's overhanging tree.  Huge (that's a full-size toaster)!  My DH made a tuna ceviche which he plated over slices of this avocado.  We used one-quarter of the avocado between us.  I see a lot of guacamole in our future.  






avocado huge.jpg


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Husband ordered a bunned hamburger but I felt "green".     Sauted greens, baked potato with salsa verde (with 6 herbs, anchovy and preserved lemon).   Oh my, my new "go to".    Forget butter and cheese.


Husband's fork kept straying into the potato.   "Are you eating my baked potato?"    "Yes."

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eGullet member #80.

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Last night, I steam broiled the Treviso (on the right) with olive oil and hit it with real balsamic when it was done.  it was a good side to this...




Usually not a big fan of corn anything to do with pasta, as they tend to go a little sweeter than I like. But this orecchiette with fresh corn, house roasted peppers, garlic, scallions, parmesan, assorted herbs was good, and the bitterness of the radicchio went along just fine. I thought the little ears would capture the corn nicely, and they did!

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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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Dinner tonight was supposed to be grilled steaks, mashed potatoes, and spinach for the guys, and corn and cheddar cheese chowder for me (no fish available thanks to Hurricane Teddy passing by).  But, when I pulled the steaks out to season them, they were still frozen.  Argh. Husband went flying out of the house and brought back lobster meat from the fish market down the street right before they closed.  So, my husband, brother, and brother in law had chilled lobster rolls, I had my chowder, and my nephew ate a meatball sub I made.  Lighting a bit funky tonight because we ate after the sun went down.  No picture of the meatball sub, instead I show you tonight's sunset from the deck 🙂








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My original plan for last night's dinner was to have leftover pot roast and trimmings, but then my son was kind enough to add my Costco list to his and also delivered to my house. For that, he deserved to take home the pot roast and gravy for his supper. I might should be embarrassed to post what I decided to make. It's kind of below the standards of this board, but I made calzones out of canned biscuits. I saw it on YouTube! 😛










Shishito peppers






Tonight's dinner was actual real cooking. Chicken and sausage gumbo. 





Baked peaches.





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Dear Food: I hate myself for loving you.

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