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Blintzes with cheddar, dill and garlic (in the batter, no filling). Served warm with sour cream. We ate through this stack so quickly :P

Zucchini casserole.

Pineapple , mint and ouzo granita.








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~ Shai N.

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19 hours ago, Shelby said:

I highly recommend that recipe.  Very refreshing :) .  Yeah it's hot now.  Low's in the high 70's highs near 100.  Yes, squash from the garden--dunno how much longer though...the damn squash bugs are back and they already killed one squash overnight.  Sigh.  Yes, the unpeeled tomatoes.  A travesty...but they really shouldn't even be called tomatoes as tasteless as they are (store bought).  I guess I put them in for color lol.

Can you post a link to the recipe or a general guideline?


Love pickley things!!!



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16 hours ago, Shelby said:

Chicken fried venison steaks and the first cucumbers from the garden




16 hours ago, Shelby said:




What's your veggie dip there? It looks good. 


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I've been making soup! It's not that hot here (though it's starting to feel warm for wusses like me) and it's a great way to use up veggies and we have a lot of veggies to use up right now. I make soup for dinner some nights and we have sandwiches and leftover soup for lunch the next day. 


I would call this minestrone but my husband has some irrational dislike of soup by that name. So I left out the pasta and called it tomato vegetable soup and he was happy. It's got lots of wonderful veggies. 




And next time a slightly chunkier version with lots of fresh peas, beef instead of chicken stock. 




Fresh picked strawberries for dessert, sometimes with ice cream or just on their own. I'm a fan of the quick guillotine method, off with their heads! Maybe I should use a huller. 😄




Tonight we had burgers and potato salad. I used up some of my garlic scapes, celery and scallions for the [potato] salad greens. We always get beautiful farm eggs and we have local Warba potatoes everywhere right now. Here's the fixings. 




This is a local Warba, I'm not sure how widespread they are, but everyone here in southern BC goes nuts for them in the late Spring/early Summer. They are never around long enough. They have a lovely texture, clear and white and very clean tasting if steamed but more complex if baked/roasted. One of those new potatoes that is amazing with a touch of butter and fresh herb of your choice. I guess many areas have their own Warbas, what is your local equivalent, if you have one? 





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I had to look up Warba potatoes :








very jealous .


sounds like they make fantastic potato salad 


and fresh steamed !

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Masabacha - Best described as un-blended hummus. Although it is usually a little bolder on the flavoring (garlic, lemon, cumin) it often also has a touch of chili (while hummus rarely does have chili blended in it). I like mine with plenty of parsely, a little olive oil and lots of chopped onion and fresh chilies on the side.




Also tomatoes, pickles and pitas.




I had the leftovers a day after with a haminados egg (in pressure cooker), Yemeni schug and of course pita, onion and chilies.


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~ Shai N.

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we had some dry aged rib eye tonight. This steak was about 2.25" thick

served with a butter lettuce, tomato, shallot and bayley hazen blue salad with a mustard vinaigrette

nice dinner. we had left over crozes hermitage and nama sake to drink

grilling steak.jpg



steak Plated.jpg

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On 6/29/2020 at 8:12 AM, shain said:

Blintzes with cheddar, dill and garlic, served warm with sour cream. We ate through this stack so quickly :P





This is a style of blintz that I'm not familiar with but which looks fabulous!   While I could imagine their filling, can you point us toward a more reliable recipe?    I will definitely do these!   

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I am still on my pizza kick 😁 This time 24 Hours dough,18 hours in the fridge plus 6 hours room temperature. 1g fresh bakers yeast over 500g flour. Still combo cooking, debuyer crepier on the stove and convection broiler to finish. I also made some fried cod, baked vegetables, 4 small panzerotti with onion filling 





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