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Lord have mercy, I seem to have messages for a LOT of folks.


@kayb – thanks for the advice re: frying polenta/grits.  I’ve never done the flour thing. 


@TicTac – I really, really, really want some soft shells before they are gone!


@Norm Matthews – great looking ribs. They don’t look over tender, just perfect!


@Captain – lovely looking Toad in the Hole.  Time for me to make some. I’ve even got some bangers in the freezer.  How do you do your gravy?  Mine is just onions, butter, and beef stock – though I sometimes add some Bisto to thicken it up. 


@gfweb – I need to try that fried chicken method.


@Ann_T – I was telling Mr. Kim the other night that I was craving an open faced chicken sandwich with fries and gravy.  You picture is divine. 


@Raamo – Happy Birthday!  Lovely celebration! 🤡🎈🎂


@BKEats – having had the luck of growing up in the Washington DC area and being introduced to a wide range of world cuisines, I tasted Ethiopian food many years ago.  And currently, our church loans our building to an Ethiopian Christian congregation on Saturdays.  They have cooked “thank you” lunches for us after our Sunday services occasionally.  Spectacular meals that I’m assured are delicious.  Unfortunately, I am unable to appreciate spicy foods, so I enjoyed the plainer things and the bread (not the injera – a raised bread with some kind of perfumed seasoning). 


@CantCookStillTry – dammit.  Once again I need to click both the “like” and the “laugh” buttons!  That dish of spaghetti looks delicious.  I am in the mood


Mr. Kim smoked 3 pork butts on Sunday.  Some pictures:





I was raised on chopped BBQ rather than pulled pork.  So, here with the sauce I was raised on (Short Sugar’s in Reidsville NC) some of my portion:



Dinner w/ pickley stuff and some locally produced Brunswick stew:





As I said in the Breakfast thread: “I am going to be doing a lot of cooking for Mr. Kim’s dad and stepmom for some time now.  His dad has dementia and his stepmom fell down the stairs last week and broke her foot and is in bed for a while.  She seems to be having some memory issues also; before her accident she was apparently buying tons of food, but cooking nothing and his sisters have discovered food in the pantry and freezers that expired years ago.  Not sure how it will all work out in the long run, but for right now we are all going to provide what help we can.” 


I took over some Navy Bean Soup w/ kielbasa:


I love kielbasa – from store brands to artisanal brands.  As long as it is all beef or pork or a combination, I love it (no poultry in my kielbasa!).  The soup:



And some slaw and cornbread (no picture) to go with the soup:



I also made them a Chicken and

Green Bean Casserole but forgot to take a picture.

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Fridge clean out salad...romaine from coworker’s garden, radishes, edamame, grape tomatoes, some baked tofu that I had cooked last night.

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"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast" - Oscar Wilde

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Pot roast. Not the season for it, particularly, but with the a/c out I don't want to heat up the kitchen, so into the Instant Pot it went. Unremarkable, but good, as pot roasts are.

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Don't ask. Eat it.


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Grilled salmon salad with chiles, herbs, and lime.  The recipe is from Melisa Clark at the New York Times.  We all really enjoyed this.  Well, not my nephew.  He grilled himself a sausage, pepper and onion sub 🙃



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Eating on the balcony again. A little bit boring cooking these days.

Relying a lot on the freezer, basically my fish options have been: cod and Sockeye salmon from Costco, the occasional octopus  and Pink Key West shrimps from Wild Fork that has become our place to source protein. So, tonight I fried some cod, sting beans, some edamame, bruschetta and a piece of salmon for me. Dreaming of some good fish again soon! Ah, and with the guillotine on the table my son was cutting a slab of biltong. Everyone is seriously addicted to the Stryve biltong slab, you can only buy from the website. 


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My neighbor sent me this photo:  He said he loved the injera, so, there you go... 





My other neighbor came me a really cool outdoor chair today... It's a good day in the neighborhood

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Last night...




The last of my Pat LaFrieda ribeye.  A failed experiment actually.  Having grilled half the steak previously I thought the meat would be even better desiccated in the refrigerator, since it was dry aged to begin with.  It wasn't.  Parts of the meat were disappointingly dry and hard.  Nonetheless some bits were still quite tasty.





Served with Hollandaise Piment d'Espelette.





Accompanied by baguette.  Boursin and Rainier cherries (not shown).



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Fed my starters this morning and made a dough for pizza (600g flour) with the discard from the white starter, plus 2 g of yeast.


I had Italian Sausage and Mushroom and


I made Moe a Prosciutto and Pineapple pizza.





I call this an act of love because just the thought of pineapple on a pizza makes me cringe.



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Made the husband Honey Sriracha wings in the air frier for dinner tonight. I am small bone phobic and I doubt you want to see my toast. 



Got to use my new toy for the first time. 

I like to collect unnecessary things. You'll probably find me over in 'I shall never again..' shortly - with less digits.


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charcoal grilled hanger steak, air dried well salted in a rack in the fridge for a few hours. Leftover scallion ginger sauce and carefully shredded brussels by me with 2 strips of bacon and some sliced garlic. From the dept of new arrivals this brilliant 2017 red burgundy



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It's movie night at my house (my pick, we draw names from a jar to keep things fair), so we ate early.  Crispy chicken marinated in sour cream and chives, then coated in panko and shallow fried.  Roasted radishes and asparagus in brown butter.  Not pictured: Caesar salad



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This looks nowhere near as good as it was. It almost looks like a crime scene...




I had squirreled away one last half of a lobster tail and two small knuckles. With blood orange, fennel, olives, lemon juice.


In lieu of paella...




I wanted something soupier, and cooked in the cazuela. Hence, soupy rice with shrimp...




Made with the lobster stock, sofregit of ramp butter, spring onions, tomatoes, pimenton. I had zero parsley. Was really good.

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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

Tasty Travails - My Blog

My eGullet FoodBog - A Tale of Two Boroughs

Was it you baby...or just a Brilliant Disguise?

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27 minutes ago, liamsaunt said:

It's movie night at my house (my pick, we draw names from a jar to keep things fair), so we ate early.  Crispy chicken marinated in sour cream and chives, then coated in panko and shallow fried.  Roasted radishes and asparagus in brown butter.  Not pictured: Caesar salad



What movie did you pick :) 

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I wouldn’t know which dinner to pick, too many good choices! I jump rope and rope flow (2 different kind of ropes) every night, right before dinner...so jumping is taking the priority over making dinner 😁I do check if I have something cooking in the rest time😗 I finally can say that I am getting the pizza in teglia, the foldings were the missing piece I guess and getting better at stretching the dough in the pan. Pizza bianca is our bread substitute these days. Made a salad, frittata, some zucchini and a small piece of steak. 



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Ive gone to a local higher end grocery store twice in the last two weeks , after a 3 M 


hiatus , for the obvious reasons.  it has senior hour @ 7AM , and I was lold by a neighbor 


Mondays are attractive as many did their shopping on the weekend.


@ 6:55 AM  there were 6 people , expertly distanced in front of me.  carts were ripped down


by the staff and ready to go at the door.


the store :   some shrubbery , a loaf of uncut store baed bread , some ground beef , a lg bag of Idaho;


two avocados.


and some Fz peas .   In and Out   from the Opening Bell   ( they need one )


10 minutes or less 


my feast :






potatoes are washed , Micro'd for 5 minutes then CSO'd :


40 minutes steam bake , the 10 - 15 minutes conventional bake ( dry ) @ 425


I get a BP I like :  very crispy skin ( its about the skin ! ) fluffy innards.   butter , green onion tops.


note the Malliard'd burger , not pressed but cut,  out of the plastic container.  note the Jus !


heaven itself after 3 months !


the store seemed fully stocked  but the service meat counter was closed.


can't say if it opens later in the day.   packaged meats seemed about the same to me, 


but I have not been to this store  in quite a while.

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