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Dinner 2020


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@TdeV That's it, I had forgotten that I had posted this. It says that it is for bread machine but I have made it both ways with great success. These taste just exactly like the great ones we used to get at a Chinese Bakery in Seattle. It could even be their filling recipe. it says that it will make six but those are awfully big. I usually make 8 to 12. I have even made 24 little ones and the marvelous thing about the filling is that it has always come out even with the dough. I've tried a lot of recipes and this is the only one that I will use from now on.

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Sausage and Mushroom pizza for Moe and I






Matt made himself a three cheese pizza.Same day dough.


It was made early in the morning and then it spent 5 or 6 hours in the fridge.

Dough came out of the fridge around 3:00 and sat on the counter for three hours so it could warm up and finish rising.

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i am starting to lose track of days...  Oh well.. Just got back from doing late night inventory. So, here are the last few days of eating,. 


Let's go backwards.. I was behind the bar tonight and wanted a seltzer but, that quickly turned into an egg cream.. I am in Brooklyn so, I am assuming this is very authentic.. 




A proper head:






Diner tonight was a no cook sort of situation.. I am leaving to see my kids tomorrow so, it's all pretty clean enough to leave for a few days.. 


Made crackers and had cheese:


Served with a few cheeses.  And this bacon jam we carry:  And a little leftover bellota:






For lunch, I had the leftover squid from yesterday with the leftover beans from the falafel I made for lunch... The beans, I added celery, a chunk of carrot, some bay and a piece of an onion to the pot and boiled while I took a walk to the post office.. The post office had a huge line, it's a 20 minute walk... I had printed the label out so, I just needed to drop off.. Yet, still a line... I aborted as the wait was over an hour... On my walk back, I ran into a postman who took my package from me and added it to his bag/cart...Same results, different way of getting there.. 




Now, again, I am leaving so, I wanted to use all of my vegetables and things.. I had some spinach left, i had one clove of garlic, some strange looking mint... And, well, I have some potatoes and artichokes that I am taking up with me..  But, so, I took my piece of onion and cooked it with some guanciale, i then added wine, then some of my tomato sauce from the calamari, some paprika, some cayenne as I couldn't find my crushed red pepper... Cooked it for a bit.. Added some water to get it more soupy.. Then I added squid and some spinach.  




Then, while that was cooking,  i still wanted to infuse garlic but, what to do with one clove.. So, I made a mint oil. 


Mint, olive oil, garlic, salt, red pepper. Found it!  I am not using towels in the quar to wipe my plates. 




mint oil or sauce or whatever:  I use my mortar almost every day.. Today, I couldnt find my pepper grinder, so, i threw in some peppercorns.. I just use it for some many things.. Also good to get the boy involved in cooking. 











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Yesterday, I did some deliveries and found myself in Sunset Park Area.. I just drove passed a seafood spot.. I did a hard stop and checked it out




Prices and quality was good.. I either like whole fish or shellfish.. They were low on whole fish so, I went clams, shrimp and squid.. Also, you have to read a place.. They had three sizes of octopus, baby octopus, cuttlefish, three size squid and 5 types of clams and maybe 12 types of shrimp..   They are telling you what to buy...  I was really hoping for geoduck, i was feeling like I would have pulled the trigger for sure.. But, all is good. 


Pretty much all shrimp:




SO, i wanted to make fregola.. I was going to add clams and squid and shrimp all in one pot.. But, I forgot and got distracted.. Also, I missed eating that harissa from lunch... So, I attempted to recreate it.. I got really close.. I messed up, or not messed up but, purposely deviated by adding a chile mulato... But, I toasted guajillo, mulato and arbol.. Added paprika and I truly forget what else.. Salt, sugar, lemon, thyme, stuff like that..   Maybe oil garlic, I am not sure, oh defintiely tomato paste.. 




As the kids would say, it slapped. 




Grilled the shrimp on my indoor grilled and toast with butter and maybe fish stock and the "harissa" 










Then, fregola, squid, clams, guanciale, fish stock, whatever else, i did, i don't remember:  But damn, that broth.. that broth was so good.  The wife brought it up today for no reason... Just like, oh by the way, that sauce last night... Bueno. 


Wow, now seeing more mint... Two completely different sauces... So, didn't feel repetitive.  I should also state, I primarily took videos of last nights food so, can't really post those.. The clams were delicious and I haven't had clams in a  bit.. Oh, also, before that, I was thinking of just stuffing the squid with fregola and grilling.. But, I did grill the squid prior to marrying everything.. 


The squid were on the larger size.. they would have been fun to stuff.. But, dinner came together quickly... 





the fish stock was made from the leftover bones from the black sea bass.. It was frozen the day I made it.. I run how water over the container until the blocks slides out... I put it covered in a pot and let if defrost until I have enough.. I let two cups defrost before scooping up the block and tossing back in the freezer.. I am sure there are better methods but, this works... And I also don't have a microwave so. 




Ah, too bad.. It was a pretty dish.. 






Ok, that's it, I am caught up... 






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I guess this is like a low carb Jucy Lucy with leftover Coleslaw. I couldn't be bothered to cook so offered to make 'Smash Burgers' and Slaw. My Husband responded with "Yeah Great, can you make the Cheese filled ones?". 

No. No I cannot make a cheese filled smash burger. So marginaly more effort filled Jucy Lucys with Monterey Jack. 




My plate look like a sunglasses wearing Dude with a Beard to anyone else? 

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My eyes see "David Soo Hoo" and my brain autocorrects it to "Cindy-Lou Who."

...please tell me I'm not the only one...?

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“Who loves a garden, loves a greenhouse too.” - William Cowper, The Task, Book Three


"Not knowing the scope of your own ignorance is part of the human condition...The first rule of the Dunning-Kruger club is you don’t know you’re a member of the Dunning-Kruger club.” - psychologist David Dunning


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Grilled a ton of vegetables last night and made my standby ratatoiulle warm salad, grilled some tuna steaks, and wild rice blend on the side. Will probably take the leftover veg, add some small pasta and chicken and turn it in to cold pasta salad.

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"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast" - Oscar Wilde

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1 hour ago, rotuts said:



""  Also, you have to read a place..  """


"""  They are telling you what to buy... ""


Im not sure what the above mean


BYW :  Fine Find !


They specialize in shrimp, they know shrimp, buy the shrimp (pass on the farm raised tilapia et al) 🦐 

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That wasn't chicken

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32 minutes ago, liamsaunt said:

Iraqi spiced chicken.  I did not get photos of the rest of the meal, but I also made Greek salad, pita and muhamurra, and lemon roasted potatoes.




Pretty birds, what's the Iraqi spice mix?

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That wasn't chicken

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Pork fried rice w leftover butt and this stuff:




beat eggs w a bit of soy, make omelette, set aside, chop into little squares (you know that)




brown and depressing but close to a good takeout version.....yea, not much to look at.



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That wasn't chicken

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made stuffed tomatoes last night. (tomates farcies) filling was ground pork, sauteed onion and garlic, parsley, fresh thyme, one egg and 1/2c pulp of the tomato finely chopped. I took the rest of the pulp and made a sauce with garlic, and a little saffron bloomed in chicken stock


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@CantCookStillTry – I had to laugh at your post because I did see the bearded dude, but I need to tell you those burgers looks fantastic, as does the slaw.  What kind of dressing do you use on your slaw?  And do I see some radish slices in it?


We went out of town on Tuesday (story here).  Ended up at Mario’s in Arlington VA for dinner:


Ham, steak, and cheese, of course.  With slaw, pizza sauce, and mayo. 


Last night I heated up our leftover sandwich fillings in the CSO on bake/steam:


Never had much success reheating the leftovers (and I can’t eat an entire sandwich), but with the CSO it was perfect.


Subs, fries, and butter beans:



Dinner tonight was French toast made with this bread we got at The Italian Store in Arlington:




This was lovely bread – even good with nothing on it.  On the griddle:


I used a new custard – eggs, OJ, milk, honey, cinnamon.  Gave a nice flavor to the bread – especially when paired with the fig syrup.


Assorted syrups:






And Benton bacon:


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@Kim Shook Thank you! Laugh always! Mr CCST is still on a low carb kick so I called it Slaw-ish. Literally just cabbage, radish, spring onion, english mustard, mayo, I think some onion salt and white wine vinegar. I'm one of those 'one off' cooks... you might tell me its amazing but I'll be damned if I remember what I put in it! 😂

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