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Ei Yi Yi....KA FP/MagiMix bowls....keep or return?


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Well, about a year ago, I purchased a very lightly used KA 590 FP (US Magimix)...have been using it for months and I love it. However, I noticed that the bowl and lid are cracked (I think they were cracked when I bought it). No worries, I say, I'll find some backup bowls on fleabay to have some on my 'inventory' shelf (you can take the girl out of a commercial kitchen, but you can't rid the brain of the concept of min/max inventory levels)


Well, bien sur, the bowls are NOWHERE to be found. Grr, should have checked stock before I bought. Oh well.


Well, okay, I bite the Black Friday bullet and buy a new Magimix 3200xl ($250, good deal, I think) and some backup fleabay bowls. Well, they arrived yesterday, and lo and behold, the MagiMix bowls/lid/pusher work like a charm on the KA....even with the KA blades.


So, the question(s) on ze table


1. How long do your MagiMix bowls last? I use the FP 1x a month to shred up 50lbs or so of cooked chicken for the pup. I'm thinking these new bowls will last me several years (they are NOT returnable). I do put them in the DW, but do not use heated dry.

2. How often does MagiMix change out its design? (wondering if I should keep the Magi as a backup if they change design every few years).

3. The money question, literally......Should I return the shiny new Magimix and keep the KA/Magibowl combo running until it dies? I've got 2 extra MagiBowls, 1 lid (and I need a pusher, didn't realize the pusher is separate).


I don't have a ton of extra room to store it, but I could. I hate to blow money when I don't have to (and much prefer to run things until they die), but I hate to return the Magimix if its going to be replaced by a new model in a few years (and the bowls become obsolete).






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"Fleabay." I love it.


I'd venture that if the KA lasts another five years, or ten, and if you've returned the Magimix, you'll pay considerably more for it then than you just did. Also, there is the law of appliance failure that states that if you return the MM, the KA will die when you are in the middle of something critical you simply MUST complete.


If you have storage room, a backup is not a bad thing, as many in this group will testify. I feel moderately uneasy about not having a backup CSO, but I DO have a backup coffee grinder, perhaps the most important small appliance I own.


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Don't ask. Eat it.


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