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David Ross

The Gingerbread House Topic

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1 hour ago, kayb said:

I bought a kit, on a whim, from Target. We'll see how it goes.



It gives you a base and then customize with your own. I woud get a structural icing on board as well. Then "ready, set go"

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More of the details of my gingerbread house.  I didn't have a formal plan for this house, just bought things that caught my eye then got them home and started applying them..  The tree is a disaster.  It was a pre-made gingerbread tree but I thought I'd be unique and spray it with fake Christmas snow.  Of course being porous the snow never really stuck and I should have left the gingerbread in its natural state, just adding icing and decorations.  


Trees from the model railroad hobby store sprayed with fake Christmas snow-



Farm animals from the toy section.  The "snow" around the house is coconut. I experimented with different ways to

glue down the coconut, but nothing worked too well so I just spread it around loose.



The front walk path is Grape Nuts cereal.  Then I sprinkled on some clear cooking sprinkles to sort of look like

ice pebbles.



The figurines came from the craft store.  To make the "ice rink" I cooked a simple syrup to the hard crack stage then

added a drop of blue food coloring.  Let dry until hard.



The chimney is rock candy jelly beans then the smoke is cotton "snow".



















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so many wonderful Gingerbread Houses !


Congratulations to all


I think my mother and sister and I when small made one or two.


barely.   and quite simple , but fun


sort of for age at that time

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I am totally impressed!


When our first grandchild was born prematurely, her other grandmother sent the family a gingerbread house kit.    The new mother had no time for such, so it came to me to assemble.   I came close to coming as apart as the disparate house pieces.    I finally traded duties with the au pair, taking her hours of housework in exchange for her construction skills.

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