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Chef Grant Achatz takes a stand

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My brother had a small "greasy spoon" restaurant in a Spanish tourist town, catering to dumb English visitors who complain that the Spanish speak Spanish and eat Spanish food.  He served them up dreadfull "English" food and made enough to open a fish and chip shop, too, which did well as the same tourists weren't about to be eating any of that foreign muck!

Of course, meanwhile he was eating and drinking the joys of Spain - funded by the idiots.

But he had two rules.


1) No salt or pepper or Heinz ketchup on the table. He was tired of the idiots salting and peppering their food without tasting it first, then complaining the food was too salty!

2) No! You can't have your steak well done.

You don't need three stars to be sensible!


Sadly, Covid has ended all that - at least for now.

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