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Spinach and cheese burekas & Eggplant and cheese burekas


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For cheese & spinach burekas (4 rolls):

- 8 filo sheets

- melted butter (2 tbsp or so), mixed with a little water


- 200g spinach, chopped (can be subbed with chard, or omitted altogether) 

- 200g feta

- 150g kashkaval

- 150g ricotta

- 2 eggs (leave some for egg wash)

- Salt to taste, if needed


- Cook the spinach until wilted (I use a microwave). Squeeze to drain it completely.

- Mash the filling ingredients together.

- Brush the filo sheets with butter, then stack them in pairs.

- Divide filling between the four double-thick sheets, spreading it across one long edge of each.

- Roll each around the filling, making sure to fold the edges towards the center in order to lock the filling inside. Avoid rolling too tight.

- Using a serrated knife, slice the top of each roll, in order to allow for it to be cut into pieces after it's baked and crisp.

- Egg wash, sprinkle sesame or other seeds.

- Bake on a baking sheet (over parchment) at 190C, until browned and crisp - 30 minutes or so.


- They can be frozen prior to baking. No need to defrost. 



For eggplant & cheese (4 rolls):

- 8 filo sheets

- melted butter (2 tbsp or so), mixed with a little water


- One medium eggplant

- 200g feta

- 150g kashkaval

- 150g ricotta

- 8-10 tbspn toasted seeds (sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, nigella) and or chopped toasted walnuts

- 1 egg (leave some for egg wash)

- Salt to taste


- Peel the eggplant and cut it into 5 or so slices.

- Brush with oil and bake/grill, or pan fry, until brown and tender.

- Cut into rough cubes.

- Mash the rest of the filling ingredients together, and fold the eggplant cubes inside.

- Shape and bake the same as the spinach burekas.





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~ Shai N.

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