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Ginger: Fresh-Frozen

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Ive been freezing fresh , un-peeled ginger for some time.


I used to use a plastic shopping bag , and then just grated off the freezer-burnt end


discarded that , then grated the freshly exposed end for use.


I now chamber-vac the ginger , unpeeled , but with the little projections cut off


which makes for a smoother surface for Vac'ing


I now also slice thin // thick bits off , rather than always grate   but its not that easy


I now do it this way , which protects my finger tips , as the Fz ginger can march all around


the cutting board.


materials :




inexpensive chinese cleaver , SS.  HOmeDepot mallet 




Ginger has a flat side from previous use , and that goes on the board to make a stable hunk of ginger


  very very useful to start this way.




hold the cleaver on the ginger's business end , and lightly tap w the cleaver to get some ' purchase ' in the ginger




then tap away !


as you lightly tap , you can sort of control the thickness by turning the cleaver into the ginger for a tap or two , giving you a thicker slice


or turn the cleaver toward the cut end for a thiner slice.  don't be in any hurry , and you will be pleased w the results




as will your finger tips.


i then re-bag the ginger in the same bag that is now a little smaller from cutting off the top


and Vac again

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a P.S.:  if you live near a Chinatown , or a large Chinese Market , look for these


stainless steel Chinese cleavers.


they come in a variety of sizes , this one is 




is a # 3      blade is 8 " x 3.5 "


I use it for coarser work ,, frequently w the mallet , for control  and never worry too much about the edge.



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