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On 10/20/2019 at 1:52 PM, MelissaH said:

But as I remember, Costco doesn't even let you in the door without a membership card, so I have no way to check it out and see how what it carries meshes with our current needs.


Which begs the question: Do those of you who are members ever get lure-a-friend deals? I'd still like to check it out, maybe try one of the famous rotisserie chickens, and see what all the fuss is.

Costco will let you in to look around and they’ll let you take as much time as you want ... We have a Costco here in our town and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join / what all the fuss was about because I’d never been in one so I just went up to the door and told them - “Is it alright if I just go in and look around? I’m not sure - I might buy a membership ... “ ... They said, “Sure! Take as much time as you need ... “ ... So I did - didn’t buy one -


Costco is not for me ... I will use the pharmacy on occasion and it’s never any problem - just tell them at the door “m going to the pharmacy ... they are all very friendly and helpful - never an issue.   

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We've been members since 1994 (when it was Price Club around here) and never have thought about letting our membership lapse. I am in a large suburban area with 2 Costcos close by, and more in my normal circuit of driving. The cost savings on gasoline really adds up. Although it is just my DW and myself I shop there almost every week - I do 99% of the grocery shopping. They have Boudin's San Francisco Sourdough bread for my Sweetie, and Milton's Multigrain for me. I get eggs, butter and cheese there. Dishwasher detergent and Reynolds foil prices beat anywhere else I can easily shop. I don't buy produce there because we can't go through it fast enough. I take 800 mg doses of ibuprofen (under a doctor's care). Instead of messing around with yet another prescription  I just buy the house-brand ibuprofen. It the same per-dose cost as getting a prescription. Before I retired from doing renaissance faires I spent around $3,000/year for feast food there. That added another $60.00 to my 2% rebate.


My DW and I have, sadly, an array of health issues and we use the Costco pharmacy at the one near my DW's work. I don't have to tell them my name because I'm there so often. I just have to tell them if I'm picking up for me, for my DW or both.


It's not for everybody, but membership is a benefit to me.


Now I'll give you a small laugh. I shop at the 2 closest Costcos so much I have favorite cashiers. One particular cashier greets me by name, another asks about how my DW is doing. When P was gone for a while I inquired and found out he was out on medical. When he returned I made a point of going over and telling him I was glad he was back.

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There is much to be said for clerks who know you and whom you know. The clerk at the drive-up window at my preferred liquor store just hands me my usual wine. I, in turn, hand her the exact change.


I guess that could be seen as kinda sad.


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