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Jamie Oliver : In the News

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Im a big fan of Jamie Oliver.


he has been ' in the new ' for some time re: the collapse 


of most of his restaurant empire 


NYTime has a fine article about him and these issues :




around the pay-wall , maybe :


It’s Not Always Excellent to Be Jamie Oliver


Im a big fan.   Im a Cooking Show Fan , in a big way.  Im not going to tell you


how many Hard Drives I have w Cooking shows on them but they 


have replicated like Rabbits  or Rats.


and while still small , a long long time ago 


you played ' Marbles "   cat's eye , boulders , Steelies 


how many did you need ?  6  ?  8 ?  58 shoe boxes ?


its like that.


did I mention I now have [ on HardDrives ? ]   and remember  "  The French Chef  " in B&W  on PBS


a zillion years ago ?   " brought to you by Polaroid   , a 10 second comercial


back to JO :  I remember seeing him on The River Cafe   a BBC thing


and then his shows.


what did I leard way back then ?


you could make a complete meal , restaurant quality +++


in a single pan , in the oven.   you just added this and that and the other


ar the right time, so you pulled out that large pan and 


everyging was done perfectly.


Ive seen his recent  15  and 30 min meals


his histrionics do not bother me.  I have many of his initial books.


he has some some very unusual things re :  School Food ,  obesity , giving those young people


who , for what ever reason , had lost or never had a ' way "


training in Food Service  etc.


good for him.

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