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Pittsburgh Restaurants

Kim Shook

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I did search and all of the threads seem to be really old.  Mr. Kim and a friend are headed to Pittsburgh this weekend to attend a Steelers preseason game.  They will need dinner Friday night, breakfast, lunch and a quick dinner perhaps on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.  Mr. Kim likes everything, but his friend is really more of a meat and potatoes guy.  He likes American versions of Mexican and Italian and that's about it.  The last time they went, they tried Primanti's and didn't care for it.  Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks so much!

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Where are they staying?  Do they have a car or are they willing to Uber?
Without any of that:

DeLuca's, Pamela's or Cafe Raymond in the Strip District.  I'd pick Cafe Raymond over the other 2

Dorstop diner in Dormont
Jean Marc Chatellier French Bakery in Millvale

Piccolo Forno
Federal Gallery
Any of the lunch places
Butcher and Rye

I can give more specific recommendations or feel free to ask more specific questions

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