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Hello from Freds

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Hello Everyone,


I'm a baking enthusiast from California via the Midwest and New England, that recently got into chocolate work.  What I bake changes from one week to the next as I have a rule about not making something from the same discipline or flavor profile in consecutive weeks.  My greatest claim to fame is making it to the final round of auditions for The Great American Baking Show (U.S. version of The Great British Bake Off) a few years ago.  Most recently, I attended a four day workshop at Melissa Coppel's school on glossy bonbons and ganache formulation, which was my first dive into complex chocolate work.  Outside of the kitchen, I'm an avid weight lifter.


Where does the name Freds come from?  Freds was what I named my baby blanket many years ago!


~ Freds             

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