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The Classic Club Sandwich


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1 hour ago, Anna N said:

"Some sources say it was created by Fraser Scrutton at the exclusive Union Club of New York City, which contained an early recipe to a Union Club sandwich, made up of “two toasted pieces of Graham bread, with a layer of turkey or chicken and ham between them, served warm.” Of course, that culinary tweak carries to this day; a club sandwich doesn’t necessarily have to have chicken as the primary ingredient."

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You mean the ham and cheese sandwich could be called a club?



"Club Sandwich
Does your little one go to school and take a lunch? If so, prepare a club sandwich for the luncheon basket. Cut the bread in thin slices, toast and butter. Slice the white meat from a roast chicken, salt, pepper, and add a dash of mustard to suit taste. Put between the layers of chicken a slice of broiled breakfast bacon, not too well done. Lay next to toast two pieces of crisp lettuce, and you have the most palatable as well as healthful thing in the way of sandwiches."
---"Club Sandwich," New York American, April 6, 1898 (p. 10)


Healthy, too!

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I'm pretty sure the sandwich originated at a golf club, and was meant to look like one, too. With a third slice of bread and a dopey toothpick to hold it together you could use it to club someone into a stupor. Oh wait, after a round of golf they were already there.


Oh, and btw, I always sent my daughter to kindergarten with mustard in her sandwiches. We all know how much the "little ones" like mustard.

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From Nigel Slater’s Real Fast Food:


 The Club Sandwich

A true feast that the late American writer James Beard described as one of the ‘great sandwiches of all time’. Surprisingly, this Gargantua among snacks was not of the monstrous proportions we are now led to believe, as it was traditionally made with only two rather than the assumed three layers. Here is a reasonably authentic version, saved from being definitive only by my suggestion of wholemeal toast, which will no doubt ruffle a few feathers. Butter a crisp piece of toast cut from a white or light brown loaf. While this is still warm layer crisp lettuce, long oval-leaved Cos for preference, with slices of tomato, cooked sliced chicken and rashers of bacon with mayonnaise. Finish with a second piece of toast.


A few rules that one is wise, but not obliged, to bow to: the toast and bacon rashers should be crisp, the chicken moist from a freshly-roasted bird, and the mayonnaise home-made or Hellman’s at the very least.”


Edited by Anna N
To underline the title of the book (log)
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