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Fried Onion Rings

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Slice a medium sized sweet onion a little less than ¼” thick, shake the rings in a bag with 1 ¼ cup AP flour. After removing the rings from the flour, dump the flour into a large bowl, add an egg and just about a cup of milk, whisking, and looking for a batter a bit thinner than pancake batter. Give the rings a swim in the batter, turning with a fork to coat thoroughly. Drain them on a rack over a cookie sheet (that I cover with an old newspaper). Put about  1 ½ cup of seasoned breadcrumbs in a bowl and add a good amount of garlic powder and Tajin and mix well.

When ready to fry, gently toss the still damp, but well drained rings in the breadcrumbs, turning to coat, and fry in a generous amount of peanut oil starting at 375F and trying to add only enough to drop the oil to 350 F, and fry until golden. Remove them from the hot oil, store in a 175 F oven, over an absorbent paper until they are all done, salt to taste and serve.



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