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South by Somewhere with Vivian Howard on PBS in early 2020


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  • 3 weeks later...

thank you for the heads up


I found the video worked for me from @curls  the initial vid did not work for me


I a very big fan of VH.  she has worked incredibly hard , and done well.


as far as I can tell from an occasional article , she has shared her success


w various member of her staff that eventually wanted to branch out on their own


I don't know the details , but that's unusual 


in the second video ( ref @curls ) she says a few things that I find very insightful :


please forgive me if I don't get the quotes exactly right :


" Breaking Bread and sharing a meal can really create a comfortable place to have meaningful


and memorabvle conversations "


true now , and true since the beginning of time.


too bad the Hogs that serve themselves First ,  and Second , in or out of a Beltway


dont  understand this.  but they wouldnt


and also she says this :


" I have a platform and Id like to share it "


good for her.  I think she really means this 


good for those she personally knows. and those she travels around to meet.


Id love to be near enough to her three restaurants to go there from time to time


Id even save up .


Im very much looking forward to this show, and I hope her second cookbook.

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  • 1 year later...

Something Southern just surfaced on PBS. Nice gentle, interesting series.


I think they finally figured out how to photograph her.  Past shows would have shots where she looked a little odd. None of that here.

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