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Meat WSJ sat 6 July

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Im not sure this is behind a paywall or id there is away around it




drives me crazy butchers come up with new names for the old , and then charge for it.


however there were some interesting quotes ( for review purposes ) :


""  If cuts like the bavette are on the rise, I wondered, why weren’t they more common in supermarkets? “Math,” said Anya Fernald, co-founder and CEO of Belcampo Meat Co. Supermarkets operate on a much larger scale than neighborhood butchers and profit on volume. “The strategy is to sell as many popular cuts like rib-eyes and New York strips for as much as they possibly can,” Ms. Fernald explained; the rest becomes ground beef. A carcass, she explained, has 700 to 800 pounds of available meat; of that about 70 pounds is rib-eye and New York strip, and less than 1 pound is something like a flat iron or Denver cut. (For a guide to these and other specialty cuts, see “Heat Index,” page D8.) “So getting enough of those is not worth the trouble to supermarkets,” she said. ""


Aaron Franklin likes Bavette .  Ooooooo    Oooooooooooo !




I think I had some the other night as Sirloin Flap meat :  AKA  sirloin tips , but kept whole.  SV , delicous


Culotte   AKA rump :




Flat Iron ;  isn't this a Blade Steak ?  cut with the grain and the central tendon expertly removed to give you two blade steaks


rather than cut against the grain , the usual cut where you see the thin tendon between the two pieces of meat.  the blade Im thinking of


come from under the scapula and is tender and delicious once the tendon is removed




and the Newport , a fancy name from fancy place for the Tri-tip ?




and now time for your Meat Exam :  what really is this cut ?  I can't make heads nor tails of what it it.


We hace Chuck Afficionado here :


the Denver :




P.S.:  My recent Sirloin Flap Bavette Plate :




the Bavette was SV'd and served with Tomatoes  at room ten on a recent hot evening.


final words from the WSJ article ;


"""    That bavette I was looking for and other cuts butchers are buzzing about now offer value as well as variety, typically at a price 40-60% below that of better-known cuts. Still, it can take some smart marketing to spark interest. “If something is called a sirloin flap, it’s probably not going to sell much,” said Mr. Shepherd. “But if you call it bavette, man, people get excited!”  



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fwiw, if you want to dig deep(er)

this has piles of detail, pictures, "approved" names + alternate names + NAMP & IMPS


I have a list of "fancy marketing names" but the source is now behind a 'wall'

(source:  www.meattrack.com/URMISfancifulNames.php)


the UN Guide to stand beef names in various languages
(pg 23 has the bavette)


this doc present the Latin American names

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