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Temperature-related degradation of Pectinex during shipping?

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Posted (edited)


I would like to buy some pectinex ultra sp-l.

However I am worried about the temperature during the shipping time.

I read that the storage temperature should be between 2 and 8 C. It works best from 15 to 50 C, and if it stays a lot of time in 25 C, it will gradually be deactivated.


It needs a week to come here (Greece), then will it affect its abilities?


Do you know if I can find a document somewhere that explains the gradual loss of power as a function of time and temperature?

Did you have any experience with pectinex not working well due to bad storage?



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I have no experience with Pectinex, but I have a lot of experience with receiving shipped goods. Do you know how this shipment would be sent? For instance, would it be in an insulated container, with cold packs? Can you get expedited shipping with it?

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are you using it to supreme an orange (remove the pith)? 


...just curious about the project (sounds interesting) 

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Posted (edited)

I believe that Modernist Pantry sells it - perhaps you could ask them. Sounds like they say that refrigeration extends the shelf life - but it doesn't sound like it needs to travel refrigerated. 


This one says to use within a month.


This data sheet says it can travel at ambient temp but store in fridge when arrives.



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Posted (edited)

@Kerry Beal, you are probably right. I just used pectinex that I had in my pantry for about a year, and it worked!


I sous vide orange juice and strawberry mush for about an hour at 35 degrees and then I strained them and passed them through coffee filters.

The yield was low but remarkably clear!


I had some problems with the filters. I think I should use Chemex which are stronger.


Anyway I am going to use some other product now. I am about to buy vinoferm zymex and some other enzymes and compare.


In a very utopian future, I will buy a centrifuge, but I am not a chef or anything, and perhaps spending 2.5k for a centrifuge may not worth it.

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Spinzall seems like a very nice solution, but I am afraid that, since I am in Greece, I am not going to have adequate support if something goes bad.

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