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Where to find great pastry in Vienna & Salzburg, Austria?

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This summer my friend is fulfilling her promise to take her granddaughter (who will graduate high school) on a trip to Austria. The girl is very interested in dessert making, in fact, she makes something different almost every weekend. And she works part time at a local bakery.


They will have about a week. What places would you suggest they visit?

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on any street corner.  Konditorei aka coffee and pastry shops abound.  anything off the tourist path will have bazillions of stuff - way more than you can eat - and better pricing.


a search "austrian pasty shops" will produce a lot of results.  just be sure to have a drool bib handy.


let us know her reaction - because European pastries are not as sweet as they look, nor as sweet as American tastes desire.

but sure is good stuff.

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