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BBC: The Gender Fight Behind Sicily's Most Iconic Snack


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On average, in western Sicily (people in Palermo are the most taleban on this) it's called with the female name "arancina" and it's a sphere, in eastern Sicily (with Catania the most taleban) it's called with the male name "arancino" and it's a cone. Those are the 2 main "schools", but there are lots of little variations on details, especially the filling.

I underscore "on average", you just need to tell a Sicilian that the correct name is the opposite of the one he/she is using to get a LONG and heated explanation on how his/her version is the ONLY correct one, with all the infinitesimal details on the filling, cooking method, rice type and so on. If you keep contradicting then they start steaming from their ears, that's why it's fun as a trolling argument.






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