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Ooni pizza oven

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20 hours ago, &roid said:

Looking great @Ann_T  


how do you find it?

@&roid well it was the first time using.  Took it out of the box and fired it up.  

Was really happy with the first try. 

I've decided that I need a better surface to use it on so looking at buying a stainless table that is a little higher. 

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On 11/1/2020 at 8:22 AM, rotuts said:

My friend , who rarely posts ,who knows why


got this :




and used it over the weekend , on TheCape


ie WoodsHole.  it was cold this last weekend , but he said the temp got up to


750 F or so.  I assume he has measurement skills .






here is Penny , a young Golden , knowing something is up , so she is paying attention just in case





he said the pizza was very very good.   he makes pizza in the  [url=https://grillguru.org/best-outdoor-pizza-oven/]oven[/url] often , so Im guessing he knows a bit about it


however , he did not do the edge-curl pic


so he has something to learn 


Id have been all over this  ,  some tome back


pleased he is enjoying it


and hopefully Penny got a small treat.

Thx for the recommendation! What a cute dog and nice pizza and a very cozy veranda. Best wishes 

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I just purchased the Ooni Koda 12 inch version and am very pleased with results. This was my second ever pizza in the oven.



I use my sourdough starter (which I keep in the fridge). Starter is 50% hydration. It is fed every two to three days.


Recipe as follows:


Feed starter in bowl (100g flour, 100g water), set out at room temperature covered with wet cloth for 24 hours.


Recipe for dough for two 12 inch pizzas (linear scale up if you want to make more).


319g (Caputo Blue) flour

100g starter  

186g water

10g salt.


I use my Thermomix to make the dough. Add all elements except the salt. Bring together. Let sit for half an hour. Add Salt. Run for 2 minutes 10 seconds on dough setting. Transfer dough to pre-oiled bowl.


I then put the dough into Brod & Taylor proofer at 27C for two hours.


Then into refrigerator overnight, again covered.


Take out two hours before making pizza, divide into dough balls, cover and let rise.


The hydration is perfect for the heat of the Ooni oven.

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