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Corner cabinets -- help me hate mine less

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On 4/10/2019 at 9:32 PM, Kerry Beal said:

Lee Valley makes a corner cabinet solution here.


We have a solution like that and it works well for us.  There ends up being a lot of wasted space, but we use it store large, bulky items that are going to waste a lot of space anyway (a stock pot, dough mixer,  slow cooker, food processor & accessories).  We can also stash a few infrequently used bits of kit under and in front of the sliding rack (sitting on the base of the cabinet).  We put the heavy mixer on the top of the pull out portion because that makes it relatively easy to get it on and off of the counter.


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My corner upper and lower cabinet has been designated as bottle storage 


A matching bottom corner cabinet on the other side of the kitchen closest to the range to holds pots and odds and ins of little used equipment 



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