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Robert Parker - question about list and any recommended wine dealers/websites


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The Wine Advocate yearly subscription is about $200 or something which is not worth it for me because I only drink $20 or less (which excludes most wines they talk about I'm guessing). 


But the Robert Parker ratings for $10 - $20 wines I've come across taste really good when it's between 85 to 90 and above points. 


Is there a way to buy the wine list rankings without subscribing to the Wine Advocate or is there a website that will sell wines with a comprehensive list of Robert Parker rated wines etc. 


I found one website at https://www.winetransit.com/ratings/robert-parker.html


And I just buy it at my local Total Wine because they don't ship to New Jersey. 


I did a dinner party where I needed to supply all the wine.


To make it affordable so I bought wines at about $10 per bottle ranked 85 - 90 points by RP and all but one bottle tasted really good. 


Might have another one but I don't want to bring the same bottles I guess. Thanks

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@cdh - hmmm...like I was after the points list. I'm not sure if what I'm saying exists. Like the Wine Advocate has a vintage chart but I was thinking that there is a chart/table that lists the wines and the points score out of 100. 


I don't know how the monthly/periodical magazine is formatted but I don't think it's in the magazine - the comprehensive chart - but maybe it's something that comes out annually - ratings for 2017 etc. 


If anyone subscribes to the magazine, and can give some info that would be good. 


If found this website that has many Robert Parker / Wine Advocate rated wines 




I think I'm going to buy buying in bulk and driving there for pick up 


The ratings are true and the flavor has been pretty solid

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Often, the stores will label the wines with the scores, if they are in the 89 and up range. I would also just ask the wine sellers, they should be able to steer you to wines that fit your needs.

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