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Greetings from Australia

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My name is Corey, and I am a bread Baker for a small Italian bakery in South Australia.

I came across this place looking for opinions on solidteknics cookware, but ended up ordering Darto instead.

I'm rather enthusiastic about toys that require a bit of care, so there may be a few cast iron skillets and hand forged Japanese knives around the place.

Being in South Australia, which arguably has one of the best wine regions in the world, I am becoming engrossed in Shiraz and other local red wines.

Another world I'm falling deeply into is that of Chinese teas, but preparing them in a watered down gongfu style. This has lead me to form a modest collection of yixing pots. Unfortunately I feel considerably isolated with this as nobody else I know shares the interest with me here.


I have spent a fair deal of time going through these forums and it looks like a great community.

Being active on forums isn't my strong point, but we will see how it go. Hopefully I will begin contributing

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Welcome to the forum.  

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