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Lunch 2019


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10 hours ago, johnnyd said:

Avocado, grapefruit, cukes, purple daikon, and pink peppercorn in balsamic and lemon oil.  Basically calling for seafood but I'm working on my base layers today.


Eager to hear what seafood makes sense in the mix. It is a combination I appreciate.  Me - I'd add just a touch of fish sauce and avocado. 

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Visiting my Russian cousin in LA.  Veal tongue and “herring under fur”.  My American husband has politely declined :).  She made him “fur” without the herring.  “Fur” includes layers of cooked potatoes, carrots, beets, onions with (un)healthy amount of mayo.




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Interesting how some cultures are beet centric like my Aussie side. With the former SU I suppose it is the cold as cabbage is also a major player.  I'd have been game for then whole dish :)

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5 hours ago, rotuts said:



Ive never seen nor thought of Avocado and Tuna as a Salad !


so Im sending you two Kudos , one for each ingredient !


what a good idea !






thanks !


Thank you. I'm not sure where I got the idea, but I probably saw it on some blog somewhere. The flavors of the avocado and tuna marry well.

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Lunch with friends in a local Xi'an restaurant.





干拌臊子面 (gān bàn sāo zi miàn)

Spicy Sour Pork Noodles



老虎菜 (lǎo hǔ cài)

Tiger Salad


肉夹馍 (ròu jiá mò)



手工凉皮 (shǒu gōng liáng pí)

Hand made Liangpi

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...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


The Kitchen Scale Manifesto

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Chicken Paprikash, 1st time I've made this.    Quite tasty:




It's basically a stew with sour cream. reminds me a bit of beef stroganoff, though that's the sour cream, it's tomatoes and red peppers + chicken.



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I can't believe I forgot to take photos. 


I had a Spicy Beef Noodle Soup (Chongking style) at LJ Shanghai in Cleveland, OH.    YUM.   Spicy as you would expect a Sichuan noodle dish would be, sweated, but couldn't stop eating.  It was great.  Really happy with the find!


Also had my true love....XBL......Soup Dumplings.  A must whenever I see them on a menu.  

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Black Forest ham and lacey swiss with peppadews and thinly sliced romaine on marbled rye yesterday.


Not sure which will be lunch...

just pulled from the oven a small mac and cheese with minced tomato and a small bowl of stuffed shells(4) topped with some of the leftover meat sauce.

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Nothing is better than frying in lard.

Nothing.  Do not quote me on this.


Linda Ellerbee

Take Big Bites

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On 3/29/2019 at 12:31 AM, heidih said:


Eager to hear what seafood makes sense in the mix. It is a combination I appreciate.  Me - I'd add just a touch of fish sauce and avocado. 


More baby octopus, as it turns out. The next day I swapped that acid with house salsa and dusted it with sumac.


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"I took the habit of asking Pierre to bring me whatever looks good today and he would bring out the most wonderful things," - bleudauvergne

foodblogs: Dining Downeast I - Dining Downeast II

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Some recent lunches:




Las Cruces, New Mexico ~ ChaChi’s Green Chile Con Carne Plate (double beans, no rice)




Hatch, New Mexico ~ Sparky’s #4 Combo ~ The Almost Famous ~ 4 oz. Chile Cheese Burger with one side (Seasoned Pinto Beans)




El Paso, Texas ~ PGATour Grill, El Paso Airport ~ Chicken Quesadilla 




Galveston, Texas ~ Nick’s Kitchen & Beach Bar ~ Nick’s Shrimp Platter

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So I have about 30 coming for lunch tomorrow. We went shopping and decided on bit low brow Stouffers veggie lasagna, garlic bread, bag salad, frozen veg egg rolls, and from the box brownies. I could do all this easily from scratch.  No time and really this crowd would not notice  the difference. Should be interesting.  All in my head...

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Our ladies group at church had an afternoon tea last Sunday.  The food was a mix of purchased and homemade.  Cucumber sandwiches on pumpernickel:



Jessica’s Liptauer cheese on cocktail rye:



Fruit & dip:





Mini lemon cakes and petit fours (purchased):



Chocolate dipped macaroons and American scones (purchased):



Another lady’s Cheese Ribbon Sandwiches:


No idea what kind of cheese spreads these are, but I do know she made them.  Very good.  Palmiers (purchased):



Mini Jamaican meat patties:


These were purchased, but made by a local Jamaican restaurant and really delicious.  Chicken salad on mini croissants:



Cheese gougères:


We had way too much of some things and this time I made copious notes for next time.  



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@rotuts - thank you so much!  You would have been welcome, wig or no.  Our priest came with his wife and so did one of the gentlemen from our vestry.  Our small city has an amazing assortment of restaurants for a place this size: all the expected ones plus Ethiopian, Balkan, West African, Colombian, Peruvian, Persian, etc.  We are very, very lucky!

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@Kim Shook


You are driving me to Drink !


some MR with all  those restaurants you have 


 and I do not !


BTW  a long time ago , my father visited me.


Id heard of a Ethiopian restaurant ' on the Orange Line "


that the MBTA


I took my father there , and we had the most unusual food


and delicious it was


thai and that


on top of a communal paltrier 


with crepe like , but a bit spongy " bread '


that you ripped off


and used to help your self to the various items 


on to of the bread !


what a revelations it was to me !


pls take some Pics if youy chose to go to


the various restaurants you have


esp :  West African ?




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