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Dinner 2019

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On 6/12/2019 at 8:22 AM, liuzhou said:

Pan fried salmon with salted cucumber, quick pickled ginger and rice.





First class sophisticated simple cooking, made even more appetizing by  First class plating .  



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7 hours ago, lindag said:

My searches didn’t turn up the poster who first mentioned Michigan Beans but, fortunately, I had saved the recipe.

i've been looking for pantry friendly and simple casserole type foods that I can manage while recovering from my recent surgery and these beans are exactly what I was lookin for.

Still not easy to get to the store for special ingredients and can't manage too much effort yet.

The beans are in my crockpot now and they smell wonderful.  I’m really looking forward to dinner (with a Subway salad alongside.

Was it this recipe?  'Cuz that might have been me.

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@robirdstx – that broccoli salad is one of our favorites.  And pork and venison sausage sounds wonderful – is that locally made?


@Ann_T– I’ve been making your corn custard for years, but I’ve never done it in individual servings.  I really like the look of that and want to try it this summer with some really good corn. 


@Captain – I had to Google potato scollops and once I waded through a bunch of “scalloped potato” results, I found Australian Potato Scallops!  I gotta make those – they sound fantastic.


Swiss/Cheddar omelets, Edward’s country ham and one of the best nectarines I’ve ever tasted:



Mr. Kim’s kale:


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Round two off the rotissiere chicken. Pulled most of the meat off the bone, loosely wrapped along with the drumsticks in foil, reheated in the CSO on steam bake at 300F for 12 minutes. Tasted just as good as last night. With zucchini fritters and potato salad. Kids are happy.


Tomorrow or Sunday will be Round 3 of rotissiere chicken, the remainder of the meat going into chicken enchiladas. Will make some refried beans and Mexican rice. Then the carcass will go in the IP for stock. A lot of value out of a $4.99 Sam's bird.


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Don't ask. Eat it.


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On 6/10/2019 at 6:24 PM, Katie Meadow said:


I see farmed catfish for sale, but never buy it. One thing I would do is ask for the source. My understanding is that catfish farmed in the US are a small percentage of the catfish sold here, and that most of it comes from Asia, which usually means China.


Or Vietnam 

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1 hour ago, Okanagancook said:

Thanks for posting these. The Seafood Watch is a great resource. I think you can bet on the fact that the place you buy tilapia from will not know where it was farmed or what type it is. I don't eat tilapia, partly because of these recommendations but also because it is about the most tasteless fish ever. I rarely eat fish tacos out because when not specified it is most likely tilapia. 


Several years ago when all the data was released about the mis-labeling of fish and seafood, whether retail or restaurant, I just about gave up on variety and stuck to the same identifiable few critters that are sustainably fished or farmed in the US and Canada. I almost never eat red meat any more, so my sources of protein keep shrinking. And getting pricey. I can't remember if it was here or in the NYT that someone noted the price of this year's haul of Copper River Salmon was selling for around $47 dollars per lb. Not that I'm buying that. Poor planet, you will be better off when we are gone. 

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@Katie Meadow


I do indeed think that tilapia is a fairly tasteless fish


and very tough if' conventionally cooked.


the CC is up to you


however, if you can get it well fozen , I get some at Tj's  in a completely sealed bag


with a few decent spices and herbs


and SV'd just right


its not that bad.

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Everyone's food looks so good.  @liuzhou  I'm always jealous of that insanely fresh shrimp that you get.


Venison tostadas


Minus the sour cream.  As I was carrying it to the table, I dropped it.  Broke the bowl :( .




Hot wings and salad.  Used the last of my brother-in-law's homemade sriracha.  I'm hoping if I give the empty bottle back he'll get the hint and make me more this summer.




Last night I had a craving for French dressing so I made some for salad along with spaghetti and venison meatballs.




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