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Dinner 2019


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On ‎4‎/‎12‎/‎2019 at 8:40 PM, eugenep said:

 Veal tongue and Pommes anna 


 I just had three small red potatoes so my potatoes  Anna lacks  height I’m using a vinegar sauce for the tongue



Nice.  I got a leg of lamb from Elysian Fields (Pure Bred Lamb) and was thinking of making Pommes Anna as a side for Easter next week.   Was going to use Yukon Golds as my potatoes.    What was your recipe?  

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Again  no pics.   Friday a  complete disaster of beer batter cod.  Just a complete and utter failure.


Yesterday, good stuff, marinated some chicken thighs over night in tabasco, hot sauce and thyme.........then coated with seasoned flour, fried and served with......Rice a Roni (okay, basically rice pilaf with broken spaghetti in chicken broth) and snap peas.  I love this meal.  The chicken thighs are so well seasoned from the hot sauce, tabasco and thyme....with a crispy crust....it is like cheating if you gave up Buffalo wings for Lent like I did.  

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5 hours ago, Owtahear said:

Nice.  I got a leg of lamb from Elysian Fields (Pure Bred Lamb) and was thinking of making Pommes Anna as a side for Easter next week.   Was going to use Yukon Golds as my potatoes.    What was your recipe?  

For Pommes Anna I used the Melissa Clark version at https://cooking.nytimes.com/guides/33-how-to-make-pommes-anna


Well. Sort of. I used red bliss potatoes instead and it worked out okay. I think I should have given it less heat since it was something like 1 lb of potatoes rather than the 6-7 lbs she called for. I believe Yukons and Red Bliss are similar 


I was planning to do a leg of lamb also and Pommes Anna again for Easter. This meal was the test recipe actually. That's kinda cool that we came to the same judgment about what to cook for Easter. 


I was going to do a rolled lamb based on Cook's Illustrated recipe. 


My biggest worry is geting the lamb leg. I think it's possible to order it from the grocery store. My girlfriend said she'll try to get it for me but that's my biggest prob so far. 


Hope to see your pics of the food on Easter if you decide to make it. I'm just getting boring lamb leg from a US producer bc it's grain fed and not grass fed (which would give it more gamier flavor which is not preferred according to Cook's Illus) 

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Grabbed a bag of baby potatoes lured by the promise on the bag that they were 'perfect' for potato salad. I have yet to find an Australian potato that resembles the golden waxy new potatoes of my childhood. So yesterdays side of simple boiled Pots and butter was a little meh. 


Tonight's reincarnation is much more pleasing and I didn't bother to make a 'main' for this side. 



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I made a Game of Thrones themed dinner last night in honor of the premiere of the final season.  I don't watch much TV, but love Game of Thrones.  All the recipes came from the companion cookbook to the series, A Feast of Ice and Fire.   I was not able to take pictures of the entire meal because of all of the chaos and running around, but here are a few.  Black bread (very tasty with a great crust)




Sansa's Salad (baby spinach, candid walnuts, figs (which I subbed in for the called for prunes), edible flowers and raspberry vinaigrette)




Sansa's Lemon Cakes, made by my teenaged niece



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Been having a huge sushi craving.  So, I made some last night.  Salmon, crispy salmon skin and avocado.  For those that have been reading the avocado cook off thread, the avocado I used was from the freezer.  It was great!  A tiny bit more mushy than fresh, but still very much able to cut it into wedges.  I don't know if crispy salmon skin in sushi is a thing, but I love fish skin.  Took the skin off the salmon while it was still a bit frozen, threw it in a hot skillet with some butter, then cut into strips.






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Dinner in a non-descript place in Maduwanwela, Sri Lanka. Curry & rice from the curry pot bar: chicken curry, then some dal, mixed greens curry, pumpkin curry, spicy eggplant curry and some sort of raw veggie & onion pickle. All served with the local ginger beer ...


Followed by Arrack & Sprite ... according to our driver the thing to drink here. And as I will depend on him for the next week or so who am I to argue 😉








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Recreated a gooey, cheesy chicken casserole that my sister used to make about 30 years ago:


Just as much of a guilty pleasure as I remembered (actually - the only "bad" ingredient is Cheddar cheese soup).  With broccoli, some Carolina Plantation Rice that I brought back from my Charleston SC trip, and yeast rolls from the store




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