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Dinner 2019


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I have seven small baguettes, and a small boule proofing as I type.

The dough, two 500g flour batches was hand-mixed on Monday and both had been in the fridge until late this afternoon.


Saved enough to make Matt a 3 cheese veggie pizza for dinner.

Topped with sliced tomatoes, green and red peppers and green and black olives.


Neither Moe or I wanted much for dinner so I didn't make us a Pizza. Moe was happy with a slice of Matt's pizza.

The crust is so good, if  I do say so myself.

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Jeff Koehler pez espada a la plancha…





Not having a plancha this is full blast on the Paragon in a Darto pan, smoke detector turned off.  About six minutes.







Served with Giuliano Bugialli's zucchini trifolati.  Also on the Paragon.  Wine:  Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, a gift from my dear daughter in law.  Bread not shown.


Well, ok, why not?





Good zucchini I have had before, but never swordfish like this.



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Cooking is cool.  And kitchen gear is even cooler.  -- Chad Ward

Whatever you crave, there's a dumpling for you. -- Hsiao-Ching Chou

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20 hours ago, Ann_T said:


Oh WOW.  I'm a big black pepper fan.  Have carried a pepper grinder in my purse for over 20 years.   I also grind pepper over my pizza crust when stretching.   

 Next time I bake burger buns, I'm adding lots of black pepper.     



Just by coincidence, my husband brought a bag of those burger buns and a slab of tuna home from the farmer's market last night and asked me to make a spicy tuna sandwich, with the tuna cooked really rare.  So, here is rare tuna with Asian flavored slaw, avocado and spicy sriracha aioli on an Iggy's black pepper brioche bun. 




I sliced my tuna instead of eating it as a steak



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I've gone and went all Sino-Italian.  For some reason, I haven't had much of an appetite the last few days - I blame the weather - so I wanted something light.


A Caprese salad starter seemed a good idea.



Then white shell clam with linguine. The clams were cooked with garlic, shallots, lemon zest, chilli and Shaoxing wine.




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...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


"No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot"
Mark Twain


The Kitchen Scale Manifesto

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Last night's dinner was homemade Peasant Bread (KAF recipe) with beef vegetable soup.

Roasted soup bones, then made stock with a few roasted vegetables added to the IP.

Soup consisted of  cabbage, leek, celery, Cento canned tomato, onion, garlic, green beans, fresh corn, carrot, turnip and herbs. 

There's just something so satisfying about homemade soup and bread.

By the time I finished with the soup it was well past the usual dinner time.


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1 hour ago, Shelby said:

Greek salad and pepperoni pizza last night





@Shelby, That Greek salad looks good enough to dive into, as does the pizza! It is my belief that the olives and feta cheese are more than half the Greek salad battle. I have found that the feta cheese from TJ's is one of the best around these parts and have switched to kalamata olives after watching one of my favorite Greek salads being made at a restaurant that is sadly now closed. I include romaine lettuce, but I am inspired by yours to try it even without the lettuce. Just looking at yours is an inspiration. Well done.


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Thank you for the kind words @HungryChris!  I had been craving a Greek salad for a few days.  It hit the spot.


@Kim Shook made me hungry for roasted chicken in the CSO.  Didn't have time to thaw a whole one out, so I did quarters last night




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I saw a recipe for Malaysian chicken that looked good. It had curry, coconut milk, anise, lemongrass and tamarind along with a lot of other ingredients that I had to make a special trip to find.  About 20 minutes before it was done, I told Charlie to start thinking about where he might like to go out for dinner because this didn't look all that good. It smelled good and tasted OK but not so much that I thought we'd like to make a whole meal out of it.  Charlie took one look and didn't even want to taste it.  We ended up going out to a Chinese buffet restaurant.

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Corned Meat & Mustard Sauce tonight. Excuse the rough carving I hate doing it but the Mr is absent. 

My Corned Beef is... inconsistent, this leaned toward the bad side. I've come to the conclusion that the reason is that I'm not in control of the 'Corning'. Large containers and a bigger fridge may be in my future. 


Sides were boring old steamed veg. 



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16 hours ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

How do you make your mustard sauce?    Mine wouldn't take any awards...


Mine wouldn't either. It's basically just a thick Bechamel with wholegrain Mustard. But I sub out maybe 1/4 of the milk with the cornmeat cooking liquid (which I use a fair bit of Malt Vinegar in). It's not something I grew up with so I'm feeling my way! Constantly battling with the husbands childhood memories of how it should be! 

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